Grab Some Zzzs in Your Baby's Nursery

Caring for a baby requires a lot out of you. Inside my mothering career, there have been nights through which I spent time in the infant’s room than in my own. Middle-of-the-night diaper changes, feedings, consoling colic — while everybody else in the house slumbered, I frequently could be seen in the nursery school. One […]

11 Things You Didn't Think You Can Fit Into a Small Bedroom

While it’s interesting to check at photos of bedrooms complete with sitting areas, fireplaces, large armoires and much more, the truth is that most people sleeping in much tighter areas. Personally, I love a small, cozy bedroom — it increases the snuggled-up feeling. But often we need a piece of luxury to decide on that […]

Architects, Show Us: What Is On Your Desk Today?

Architects’ drafting tables have many similar features, but each functioning background is as unique as the individual hunched over it. We all know, many of you want to stay behind the scenes and sketch in peace, but we’d like a glimpse of where your work turns wood and glass into volumes and light. So grab […]


Cornice is a word that applies to any molding that creates a boxlike frame around a ceiling, a window, either furniture or a roofline. Jeannie Balsam Interiors This cornice tops a closet with easy crown molding. Landmark Builders The cornice with this window may conceal a roller blind or even a Roman shade. Stephens Fine […]

Small-Business Savvy: Photograph Products Like a Guru

The world is a visual location, meaning that if you’re running your very own creative company, among the most essential tasks is to photograph your job successfully and then to introduce it on line to your audience. It is no thing. Captivating product photos may be the difference between a sale and a missed opportunity, […]

Designer's Touch: 10 Fabulous Garages

Do not let your garage turn into an afterthought — this valuable space doesn’t have to be dirty, disorganized and crowded. Get inspired by these skilled spaces and tips to turn your automobile space into a organized and enjoyable addition to your home. Poor House Interior Design 1. Garage edition. Short on space? Connect your […]

Energy-Efficient Windows: Decipher the Ratings

If you can’t conserve your historical windows, then it’s time to find energy-efficient replacements. And selecting new windows involves industry knowledge. It’s important to get a grasp of the alphabet soup: U-factor, SHGC, air leakage, VT and LSG. Next, when you know all of the various evaluation systems, you may pick windows based on your […]

5 Homes That Spotlight Art

Among my favorite things about cruising tours and photos is becoming a glimpse of some spectacular personal art collections. Some have pieces worth countless have treasures found at flea markets, some were made by the homeowners, while some others were made by friends and family members. However homeowners have collected their artwork, the collections generally […]

Fantastic Design Plant:' Canna'Pretoria'

After the frost of winter and spring is receding along with the anticipation of poolside barbecues and al fresco dining is on the horizon, so it’s time to prepare for lush summer blossoms. For the greatest summer exclamation plant, Sasha Newman of Little Miracles Designs indicates Canna ‘Pretoria’ because of its statement-making foliage and blossoms. […]

Nontoxic Paint 101

If it has to do with finishes and paints, “nontoxic” identifies people that have little to barely traceable quantities of volatile organic compounds, or VOCs — poisonous compounds found in conventional paints that may be released into the air for years after the paint has dried. VOCs have been known to cause respiratory problems like […]

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