Monthly Archives: October 2018

Details Make a Big Statement

When designing a house, the big choices usually stress out us the most. Should we tear that wall down? Is this the best floor for the whole house? Will that sofa be the ideal statement piece for your entryway? But small things can have a large impact too. From cabinet pulls to accessories, details can […]

Street Smart: Room Color Ideas in an Ice Cream Shop

The Van Leeuwen ice cream truck is a familiar yellow truck parked on corners around New York City. Within my Brooklyn neighborhood, the artisan ice cream may also be found in its own shop outpost. Two things make me happy in that ice cream store: treating myself into a currants-and-cream cone along with the colors […]

Quick Project: Brighten the Space Under Your Kitchen Sink

Around this time every year, I seem to go through a mega must clean everything NOW stage. From top to bottom, the house is emptied of anything that doesn’t matter to me anymore, but it never fails that I eventually find myself running out of steam. That is usually when I change gears and locate […]

Guest Groups: Baby Blue Essentials

It is the very first thing that pops into a mother’s head the minute she sees that plus sign on the evaluation: designing the perfect nursery. Okay, so perhaps that is not the initial thing a mother thinks about, however, it was surely an early consideration for this mother and grandmother. When we found a […]