Monthly Archives: February 2022

Home Buying Guide: Predatory Lending Practices

Stories of borrowers taken advantage of by unscrupulous creditors pop up in the information frequently, especially in states which do not require the licensing or tracking of mortgage loan officers. This is to be expected, because there are bound to be unethical people in any industry where a person may create a lot of money […]

The Way to Choose a Closed or Open-End Home Equity Loan

Obtaining a loan using the equity in your house is a tough decision, made even harder through having to make the choice between a closed-end loan and a open-end loan. Closed-end loans follow the traditional mortgage arrangement, with currencies given at the loan registering and fixed payments to the loan paid to the creditor monthly. […]

Guest Picks: Quirky Clocks for the Nursery

Clocks are a great way to bring some color and dimension to a room’s walls. They are also a handy way to keep track of feeding and nap schedules when added into a nursery. Here are a few fun and vibrant choices that would function in an infant’s room, a kid’s bedroom, or most any […]

Beneath a Metal Canopy in Texas

Builder Erin Wright’s home did not resemble any of those others on her builder’s association’s Parade of Homes Tour. The home sits beneath a 60-foot by 80-foot metallic roof canopy that more than doubles the amount of living room. Windows, doors and a garage door open the interior to an outdoor bar, a kitchen, a […]

Guest Picks: A Pale Color Palette to Quiet the Senses

In the buzzing, active world we live in, a little quieting goes a very long way. I’m finding myself attracted to pale colors these days, and I’ve selected a few goodies that I feel nurture the feeling of calm most of us crave in the conclusion of a very long and busy day. In the […]

Guest Picks: Outdoor Eating Basics

When the weather draws us out to our backyards, parks and clubhouses to take advantage of its own grandeur, there are moments when we are reminded of the jokes Mother Nature likes to perform with. The prepped food, the seasonal whiffs of grills near and far, and the cocktails waiting on ice could be rudely […]