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Armoires Travel From Ancient Rome to High-Style Storage

How we store our possessions, particularly our treasures, needs careful consideration. 1 storage solution, the armoire, has served people well for hundreds of years, and for good reason. Its development from ancient Rome through the time of King Louis XIII and the Victorian era has turned it into a versatile and practical piece. These days […]

Want Gorgeous Interior Colors? Look to the Light

If you’re studying this ideabook, you’ve probably already looked at hundreds, or even tens of thousands of photographs of beautiful homes. Maybe you loved the colors in a room and wrote to ask the designer or contractor to inquire what these colors are. It is very important to keep something in mind when browsing photos: […]

Thom Filicia Requires On a Fixer-Upper in'American Beauty'

It’s a book that provides excellent pragmatic guidance. But it’s also the ideal book for when you want to lock yourself in the bathroom, conceal from your kids, and look at pretty pictures. — Tina Fey, showcasing Thom Filicia’sAmerican Beauty (Random House, 2012) This is a book about falling in love with a house with […]

Guest Picks: Go-To Resources for Pretty Pillows

Pillows are frequently the ideal finishing touch at a space, but it can be frustrating to monitor just the perfect one. This month, I’ve piled up my top ten sources for pillows to complement any room, whether you prefer fancy decorator fabrics, shabby chic or soulful’70s design. — Laura from Lolalina AphroChic Shop Boerum Hill […]

Dual Front Porches Borrows Comfort

Front porch is frequently considered the quintessential part of Southern structure — it has long been the perfect place for enjoying the view, grabbing a snap or just setting a charm, as they say in the South. Front porches were the first social networking tool, a pretelephone method for neighbors to commune, visit and catch […]

Guest Picks: Fantastic Stocking Stuffers for Under $15

If you are stuck in a rut about what smart, rare gifts you can share with friends and family this holiday season, try out some of my favorite $15-and-under finds out of your creative, budget-friendly stocking stuffer requirements. Whether shopping for a coworker, friend or close relative, these gifts make great hostess presents, Secret Santa […]

Guest Picks: A Fall Kitchen

I spend a lot of time in the kitchen, therefore enclosing the space with items that are purposeful and well made is important to me. Here’s a peek at some of the things, both pretty and functional, which I use and adorn my kitchen and tabletop together — and some I admire from afar. Happy […]

Things You Need to Remember from Your Home Inspection

When you are purchasing a home, the home inspection is at least as important as the terms of the mortgage you get. Don’t confuse the home inspection with the home appraisal, which estimates a fair price based on current sales of comparable homes. A certified home inspector assesses each the home’s components, identifying problems, both […]

Salvage Spotlight: Warehouse Windows Become a Storage Screen

Designer Michael Stout and his roommates had a love-hate relationship using the original windows in their loft, at the East Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, New York. “I loved the variety and uniqueness of every pane, in addition to the feeling of history embedded into them,” Stout says. So did place scouts; along with drawing retailers […]

Renewed Classic: Gooseneck Barn Lights

When folks ask me what “classic modern” means, I flub over words but will direct them into a photo of a barn light and say “that is it.” These fixtures have been, well, a fixture on farms and in workshops for several decades. They have been developed to stand up to the elements and “poisonous […]