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What Types of Insurance Do Landlords Need?

If you are renting out your house, your homeowner’s insurance will not cover you. Instead, you will require a detailed landlord’s rental property coverage. Renting your home, apartment or condo will also increase the danger of the property you leave behind being stolen or damaged. View your property as a company and landlord’s insurance as […]

Better, Smarter Smoke Detectors Push All the Right Buttons

Smoke alarms, which are becoming a standard and necessary feature of each house and apartment, do not do the job very well. They typically emit a high-pitched tone when activated, and it is difficult to tell which direction the tone is coming from. When there’s a passion, knowing where that passion is happening is the […]

10 Problems Your House May Be Trying to Show You

Your home is attempting to tell you all sorts of things. How it seems; how it smells. And there are lots of visual cues to tip you off that something is not perfect. “Everything is shifting all of the time, expanding and contracting at different rates, responding to heat, wind and rain. A house is […]

The Way to Make an Inventory, Whether You Organized or Not

You may be surprised to understand that losing all of my earthly possessions was the simple part of having an arsonist put my home on fire. The hard part was wrangling with the insurance company while attempting to construct a new property. Perhaps you have noticed those insurance advertisements where a insurance adjuster is at […]

Patio of the Week: Year-Round Gazebo Glory in Toronto

Interior designer Karen Sealy longed to change her tight Toronto backyard into a garden she can use yearlong, spending as many months as possible outdoors. Enlisting help from a crane was only the start; Sealy changes up the style of her garden escape. Below we’ll have a gander in its jaunty summertime 2013 style, together […]

29 Home Projects to Make You a DIY Superstar

Even though home improvement knowledge gets passed down from generation to generation, many of us still somehow figure out how to punch a dozen holes in the wall while searching for a stud, or screw up something as simple as painting the walls. And while many dream of being a true DIY guru, it’s not […]

Basement of the Week: Modern Style Converts an Concrete Box

This Minneapolis couple needed more living room: a distance where they could hang out together, in which they could amuse, something which could double as a guest suite. But their lot size and town restrictions would have left an improvement hard, if not impossible. The solution for their 1914 bungalow put below ground. “While the […]

We Can Work It Out: Living (and Fixing) Together

I’d been married over a decade when I said to my sister, Torey, my regret that my husband, Paul, never washed. Torey’s jaw fell. “Whaaaaaat?” “I said he doesn’t do any cleaning” “You have got to be kidding me,” she explained. “He is always cleaning” “Whaaaaaat?” This was my turn with the disbelief. As though […]

Could Techies Buy a Home Fixing California that is Floating?

Imagine working and living on a floating community 12 miles off the coast of Northern California. Blueseed, a Palo Alto start-up founded in 2011 by Max Marty and partly backed by Mike Maples of Floodgate, wants to make that a reality. The crazy idea is that foreign-based companies and their workers may set up shop […]

An Indian High-Rise Trips the Light Fantastic

Looking up at the 17th floor of a certain residential tower in Malad, a suburb of Mumbai in India, a few citizens frequently wonder what the heck is going on up there. At night the brightly colored interiors glow vibrantly in each colour of the rainbow. Some nights all the rooms are bathed in blue; […]