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How Far From a Plant Should an HPS Bulb Be?

From time to time, the weather or yard space will not cooperate with your plans that are growing. In those cases, using a mild indoors is possible, but the kind of lighting does matter. High-pressure sodium lights, also referred to as HPS lights or blubs, are an effective, if pricey, choice for lighting your indoor […]

The Difference Between a Daffodil & a Jonquil

According to the American Daffodil Society, a jonquil is one of the thirteen sections of daffodils. Bloom color, size and shape, in addition to foliage kind, flowering schedule and number of flowers to a stem, ascertain the classifications of over 25,000 registered mixers. All these perennials fall under the Narcissus genus. The flowers, grown from […]

List of Vines With Yellow Flowers

Vines are among the most elastic of plants. Most tolerate a range of growing conditions and even thrive on neglect. When choosing a vine, consider size and speed of growth. Some vines grow rampantly in warm, mild neighborhoods, demanding constant pruning to keep them in bounds. Select a moderate grower should youn’t have enough time […]

How to Boost Irish Potato Vines in Water

Irish potatoes (Solanum tuberosum) make an interesting houseplant, particularly when grown in a clear glass containing water so that you can observe the roots. Irish potatoes, also called ground apple, are white potatoes, including several common varieties, such as “Yukon Gold,” “Russet,” and red potatoes, which have red skins but white flesh. If you don’t […]

How to Care for Strawberry Plants in Winter

It’s possible for you to enjoy fresh strawberries in your garden in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 3 through 10. Various varieties produce fruit at various times throughout the growing season. Following your strawberries are finished producing fruit, usually in fall or summer, cut or mow the plants down to 1 or 2 […]

How to Keep the Yard Clean in Your Property

Nothing accentuates your home’s verdant, vibrant landscape like a tidy, clean lawn. A clean lawn accentuates its borders, highlights landscape attractions and adds complete value to the home using its aesthetic appeal. Maintaining a clean lawn, however, entails a bit more than picking up errant toys, lawn implements and trash. A clean, healthful lawn is […]

When to Prune the Linden Tree?

Linden is a tall landscaping tree which gains from pruning to control its form and promote tree health. You’ll come across the linden growing in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 3 through 8 where it produces an attractive oval canopy using dark green heart-shaped leaves. The typical linden reaches a height of 50 […]

White Cherry Tree Flowers

A planting of flowering cherry trees (Prunus spp.) In spring is a breathtaking and inspiring sight. Masses of white or pink blooms, often aromatic, cap the branches, using pink cultivars more numerous than white ones. Oriental flowering cherries developed in Asia, particularly in Japan, where it’s Japan’s national emblem. Flowering cherries were gathered from Japan […]

Are Pink Cosmos Perennials?

When there are approximately 25 species of cosmos, just among these commonly grown varieties creates pink blooms. With their daisylike flowers which grow in shades from delicate shell pink to vibrant fuchsia, pink cosmos (Cosmos bipinnatus) are cheap plants which provide reliable summer color in a assortment of sizes and forms. You may discover once-and-done […]

Do Muscadine Vines Need a Pollinator?

Muscadine grapevines (Vitis rotundifolia) produce approximately four times the yield of other kinds of grapes. Prolific vines produce about 35 lbs of grapes per vine every year, compared to eight lbs from crowd grape species. To maximize harvests, muscadine flowers need optimal pollination. A blend of wind and insects accomplishes this task. Species Muscadines are […]