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Multicolored Flowering Bushes

Shrubs with multiple colours of blooms could be combined with plant multitasking, with a great deal of eye appeal to one instead of several types of shrubs. You can find a similar effect with shrubs which have multiple leaf colours or marked seasonal color changes. Multicolored shrubs work well in little gardens and in areas […]

Glass Cloche Tutorial

A glass cloche creates a miniature greenhouse environment for just one plant in the backyard. This allows you to extend the growing season by planting earlier in spring or for growing more into fall. Traditionally, cloches were bell-shaped, bottomless jars, but today a variety materials in different shapes are used for covering and protecting garden […]

8 Perennials for Great Fall Colour

Out here on the prairie, trees have been relegated to cities, cities and river bottoms. Stand upon a bluff overlooking the Missouri River valley in eastern Nebraska, and the tree color is magnificent well into late October and early November. If you squint just tough enough and trick back some warm apple cider, then you […]

House, Meet Landscape: How Integrated Gardens Came to Be

While I think of this sway British garden layout has had on gardens across the Western world, cottage gardens and Arts and Crafts gardens come to mind. But the origins of some contemporary garden features can be traced even further back — to the 18th century and the English landscape landscapes of William Kent, Humphrey […]

Yes, You Can Enjoy Your Yard! Here's How

In mild climates, there’s still time to plant a more merry camellia in a kettle near the front door and put in bulbs to get a big spring show. In colder areas, it’s time to gather boughs in the yard for new structures inside and out. In the Southwest, luminarias make outdoor rooms shine, and […]

Open-Air Living in the Mountains of Bali

A former London city slicker, Simon Evans made the move from an urban apartment to this darkened tropical home among the trees. He worked together with local business Bali GreenWorld to design and construct his new home — a two-story 377-square-foot construction made entirely out of locally sourced materials. And he cleared out all the […]

Fantastic Design Plant:' Canna'Pretoria'

After the frost of winter and spring is receding along with the anticipation of poolside barbecues and al fresco dining is on the horizon, so it’s time to prepare for lush summer blossoms. For the greatest summer exclamation plant, Sasha Newman of Little Miracles Designs indicates Canna ‘Pretoria’ because of its statement-making foliage and blossoms. […]

The Indoor Gardener: Reconsider Fabulous Ferns

If you hear the term “fern” and shudder over 1970s flashbacks of macramé planters, it is time to rethink this humble houseplant for decorating your home today. Ferns are available in many sizes and shapes, in the delicate maidenhair to the manly staghorn, so there’s sure to be one which suits your tastes. No matter […]