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Houzz Tour: Suited in Timeless Design

Whoever said you can not effectively combine business with pleasure clearly didn’t understand San Francisco- based designer Scot Meacham Wood. It was during an informal dinner with friends a dialogue about paint colours for the couple’s Presidio Heights condominium evolved into a layout job that is full for Wood. The two-some, a chef/restaurateur as well […]

Houzz Tour: A Family-Friendly Midcentury House

It’s not often that you find a designer who’s content to cater to a 3-yr old but will not abandon your house looking like a romper room. Careful planning is taken by designing with children in head for function, durability, and total fashion. I recently had the pleasure of communicating with with Dallas-based interior designer […]

What About a Wavy Helix For Your Own House?

Geometric designs remain popular and fashionable in style and house furnishings. I’ve been a supporter of lattice kind designs and the several fretwork, and have lately been brought to some lesser known one that seems like intersecting waves. Because it resembles a double-helix DNA molecule it’s known as the helix routine, which is composed. The […]

8 Ways to Enhance For Prince William and Kate Middleton

The press is abuzz for great reason, and after the engagement of Prince William and Kate Middleton. The good-looking couple have now been dating for 8 years and let us face it, the royal family can make use of some glamor. Prince William and the shortly-to-be Princess Kate will breathe new life to the royal […]

Easycare Landscaping With Boulders and Rocks

Discuss about low care. Everyone needs a showcase landscape, although not all home-owners possess time or the funds regularly needed to take care of a backyard space. Boulders and specimen stone are an excellent option for an immediately tasteful and reduced-servicing landscape. And frequently there exists an assortment of slabs in your property anticipating use. […]

Get the Appear: Industrial Chic

I want to incorporate an element into a chamber that is corroded and crusted. It is likely not really feng shui -perhaps that is the reason why I keep losing things recently? I digress. Together with the enormous popularity of attics, discovered items, the must be sustainable and re-use/re-purpose, the yield to crafting with large […]

Add Play with White and Black Stripes

When heading for highcontrast, it will not get any more daring than utilizing white and black. Literally. I adore them, although occasionally this appearance is too much for many people. Mentions to costumes that are jailbird be darned, I really like the drama of white and black stripes. To use this maximum comparison to the […]

Using Casings in Your Decor

In the event you had been fortunate to get into a shore this summer, it is likely that you toted them dwelling and accumulated at least a couple of shells. Your home may be clamoring to remind you even in the event that you did not. Shells really are an excellent solution to incorporate natural […]

Fireside Elegance

A hearth is certainly one of the uncommon layout components which is right in the home in just about any space — even the toilet, research, bedroom, kitchen, or parlor. As well as the elegance is, you do not want lots of additional space to integrate one. From slick chrome-and-glass to conventional mantels to open […]

Not Your Grandma's Background

Background frequently gets a poor rap as a pain and also both old to work with. True, it could be a nightmare to get rid of background that is old, unattractive, but these times it’s mo Re user friendly than ever before also it might seem quite amazing. Lots of gifted designers are jumping on […]