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What Color of Curtains Goes Using a Nickel Bed?

Nickel — a silver gray — represents a neutral shade, which makes it available for almost any colour scheme you choose. However, before you go picking out the drapes to match a nickel bed, then develop a colour scheme that fits the whole room that includes drapes, bedding, furnishings and decor accents. When you create […]

How to Use Crates in Bedrooms for Storage

Crates make for happy recyclers who know the multipurpose worthiness of a pre-made, interesting storage container. Utilize wood create crates at a boho bedroom to make a screen wall from a style addiction. Pile up decorated crates at a nursery to turn into a storage tower. Slide wine crates under your bed to hide a […]

How to Arrange an External Place Setting

While certain place settings are to be anticipated at formal or semi-formal events, an arrangement unifies the look of the table in a meal. The basic place settings comprise a knife a single fork and a spoon along with a plate and drinking glass. Add more bits as needed based on drinks and the meals […]

The way to Wallpaper a Small Powder Room

A small powder room’s limited wall space is partly why it’s an ideal backdrop candidate, but hanging the curtain in a tiny room is somewhat complex. Pattern choice is key to stylish small-space layout. Even though the tiny lavatory does not have a steamy shower or tub, it’s still a cozy space; thwart damage from […]

Collect With Confidence: An Art-Buying Guide for Beginners

Starting an assortment of artwork that speaks to you personally is a worthy goal, but it might appear out of reach … and more than a bit confusing. Where do you start? What’s the distinction between an original work, a limited-edition print and a poster? Where do you shop for art — especially in the […]

Vintage Fishing Floats Bring a Little Mystery Indoors

Fishing floats, these shimmering balls and cylinders that have been used to keep fishermen’s lines and leaves in the surface of the water, tip at the mystery and romance of the sea. Glass ones were popular in the 19th and early 20th centuries; people have since given way to modern materials such as aluminum and […]

Best 10 Stylist Secrets Revealed

It happens to the best of us. Even specialist designers get stuck at times when placing the last touches on a layout job. We have a second, stand back from our work and hassle with this detail and one till everything is perfect — in our eyes. Homeowners are often thrilled with the results long […]

Professional Chat: Walk on the Wild Side With Animal Art

Animal art isn’t just for children — though, admittedly, one of those examples shown here was created just for them. However from Warhol to wild horses, there are a great deal of sophisticated functions that can complement the design of almost any room in your home. Incorporated Make it pop up. This piece was in […]


Cornice is a word that applies to any molding that creates a boxlike frame around a ceiling, a window, either furniture or a roofline. Jeannie Balsam Interiors This cornice tops a closet with easy crown molding. Landmark Builders The cornice with this window may conceal a roller blind or even a Roman shade. Stephens Fine […]

5 Homes That Spotlight Art

Among my favorite things about cruising tours and photos is becoming a glimpse of some spectacular personal art collections. Some have pieces worth countless have treasures found at flea markets, some were made by the homeowners, while some others were made by friends and family members. However homeowners have collected their artwork, the collections generally […]