Monthly Archives: October 2016

The best way to Patch a Spa Lid

The lid of your hot tub’s is an essential device, safeguarding your spa from particles and grime. It also helps preserve power by insulating the water when the tub isn’t in use, enabling it to remain hotter with less power out-put. Most spa handles have a foam-core surrounded with a vinyl layer. It’s possible for […]

The best way to Measure Cathedral Ceilings

A cathedral ceiling has walls that rise into a peak, providing a sensation of spaciousness as well as added height to the area. Framing, insulating and decorating a cathedral ceiling may be somewhat more more difficult than executing the same methods partly, on a flat-ceiling because cathedral ceilings are a bit tougher to measure. However, […]

Control of the Viburnum Leaf Beetle

The Viburnum family contains a huge, varied team of deciduous and evergreen shrubs and little trees that are developed as decorative crops and hardy. The leaf-shedding types provide fresh fruit and leaves, while beautiful foliage is produced by the ever-green. The U.S Division of Hardiness zones differ by species, therefore it’s essential to verify that […]