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The way to Make Sheer Curtains Stiff Again

Few things are as refreshingly homey as sharp, clean sheer drapes. But, time, wear, dust and repeated washing might take the starch from your drapes, leaving them lifeless and limp. Many commercial starches contain formaldehyde, which makes them unsuitable for a few residences. Fortunately, cornstarch works as well at giving your old drapes new life. […]

Winter Window Box Treatments

Gardeners in cold temperatures have to forgo planting their window boxes in winter, but in mild, Mediterranean-style climates, you can keep them growing and booming year-round. Use plants that can take frost and also an occasional hard freeze, and also take more actions to protect the roots from freezing temperatures. As you won’t find because […]

Flowers to Boost on Fences

Fences are beneficial in making boundaries along the sides of land, but long stretches of fencing are uninteresting. Shrubs, trees and vines planted along the fence break up the visual line. Flowers growing on fences provide a variety of colors and textures throughout their blooming period. To increase success rate of the blooms, meet their […]

Which Plants Can Survive behind a Cedar Tree?

Cedar trees (Cedrus spp.) Are conifers that thrive in acidic soils with thick canopies that prevent sunlight and water from reaching the ground below. This dry, dark and acidic soil can be difficult for plants to live in, leaving the region under the cedar tree dull and unattractive. But a few ground covers, perennials, shrubs […]

Winterberry Varieties

Though winterberry (Ilex verticillata) is considered attractive throughout the year, the plant is particularly appreciated for its ability to light up the winter scene with its glossy, green foliage and bright-red berries. Winterberry develops in upright, rounded and spreading forms and reaches heights of two to 12 feet at maturity, depending on the variety. It […]

How to Level the Dirt in a Yard for Sod

Installing sod around your house gives you a second lawn, and some decide to go that route because it looks like the fastest and simplest way to achieve what they desire. Sod, however, actually does require a little bit of work before installation. To get a smooth grassy region that will have a good chance […]

How to Fix Leaks in a Deck Awning

You may not feel like it is your lucky day when you discover a leak in your deck — but you will be delighted to know that it is a simple repair job. If you have ever used glue to fix a broken plate or utilized tape to wrap a gift, then you can fix […]

The way to Remove Rust From Kitchen Table Legs

The older the kitchen table, the greater the opportunity its metal legs demonstrate at least a little rust. In many cases, you can remove the rust without negatively affecting the chrome or steel, removing years old in the appearance of those legs. Aluminum foil is the secret to a homemade rust remover: no harsh chemicals […]

How to Get Permanent Marker off of Plastic Seat Covers

Permanent marker ink is formulated to be only that — permanent. In some instances, however, you could have the ability to remove accidental feces stains from surfaces such as plastic seat covers with harsh chemicals. It might take more than 1 way to totally remove the mark ink. Treat Marker Stains with Drugs Apply rubbing […]

How Often Does a Hydroponics Tank have to Be Cleaned?

Hydroponic systems supply a cost effective, space saving way to increase crops year round. The roots float within a solution of water and nutrients that needs to be routinely replenished or flushed. To keep the plants healthy, a hydroponic garden requires constant, weekly care. A Simple Answer Hydroponic solution can be altered and the tanks […]