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The very best Eggplant to Plant

There are many more sizes, shapes and colors of eggplant varieties than the familiar large purple eggplant found in most supermarkets. Deciding which is best is a subjective matter. However, some varieties are particularly recommended from one of the large, little, fat, slim, purple, green and white cultivars. The sun-loving eggplant (Solanum melongena) is a […]

Landscape Suggestions for Privacy Screens

Blocking the view in your property from passersby and inquisitive neighbors gives you the privacy to relax at home, free from exposure to the outside world. Installing a normal hedge may be the expedient thing to do, but creating your privacy displays part of the general landscape design requires just a little more effort. Creative […]

Peach Tree Growth

Increasing your peaches can provide a yearly supply of tree-ripened, sweet fruit picked at the right time for best taste. Although not difficult to grow, peach trees (Prunus sp.) Have a couple of basic cultural and pruning requirements you’ll need to fulfill to ensure a fantastic harvest of fruit. Although a lot of distinct types […]

How to Care for a Weeping Cherry Tree

Weeping cherry trees create excellent ornamental trees for the landscape with their mounded weeping habit and abundant early spring blooms. A small tree indigenous to Japan, weeping cherry trees (Prunus subhirtella) develop at U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 5 through 8. Weeping cherry trees grow up to 40 feet tall and broad, but […]

My Grass Is Slim So How Do I Thicken the Grass?

Proper lawn maintenance is often the key to thick, lush grass. Improving your lawn watering and fertilizing schedules can thicken your property’s thin grass, and dethatching or aerating it may help, too. If the bud is very thin, then overseed it to provide fresh grass and fill bare patches. The best time for overseeding is […]

Can I Combine an Old Christmas Cactus and a New One at the exact same Pot?

Christmas cactus (Schlumbergera x buckleyi, formerly Zygocactus x buckleyi), which grows outdoors in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 11 through 12, is a true cactus, native to Brazil and often sold around the winter holidays. Grown for its bright, tubular flowers, Christmas cactus is a low-maintenance plant that suffers from few pests and […]

The Best Mops for Cleaning Engineered Wood Floors

Rather than a solid hardwood core, engineered hardwood flooring planks have a laminated core, like plywood. On the surface, however, engineered flooring have exactly the very same characteristics as solid wood floors, and you wash them the same way. The best mop is constructed of microfiber; it increases dirt without retaining excessive water. Mops to […]

Turning a Living Room Into a Nursery

Babies are small enough to tuck in anywhere — it’s all the baby gear that gobbles up property on your own crowded apartment. However, you can repurpose the living room to do double duty as a nursery, and still enjoy some family dwelling room. Integrate baby essentials into the decor of the living room with […]

The way to Wallpaper a Small Powder Room

A small powder room’s limited wall space is partly why it’s an ideal backdrop candidate, but hanging the curtain in a tiny room is somewhat complex. Pattern choice is key to stylish small-space layout. Even though the tiny lavatory does not have a steamy shower or tub, it’s still a cozy space; thwart damage from […]