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Vintage Fishing Floats Bring a Little Mystery Indoors

Fishing floats, these shimmering balls and cylinders that have been used to keep fishermen’s lines and leaves in the surface of the water, tip at the mystery and romance of the sea. Glass ones were popular in the 19th and early 20th centuries; people have since given way to modern materials such as aluminum and […]

8 Artfully Asymmetrical Fireplaces

Fireplaces add design value to any interior area, but those that seem to be more works of art compared to utilitarian components are those that capture our attention. With an range of materials with a sense of balance, scale and harmony can transform any fireplace from drab to bold. Have a look at these asymmetrical […]

Best 10 Stylist Secrets Revealed

It happens to the best of us. Even specialist designers get stuck at times when placing the last touches on a layout job. We have a second, stand back from our work and hassle with this detail and one till everything is perfect — in our eyes. Homeowners are often thrilled with the results long […]

Sculptural Modern Homes Throw Architecture A Few Curves

According to a statement on its website, Australia’s Dale Jones-Evans Architecture generates “‘multivalent structure’ — structure which incorporates sculptural and painterly space with ecological and contextual performance.” To put it another way, its buildings are influenced by several things, like the way they relate to man-made and natural contexts and the way they integrate sustainable […]

9 Gorgeously Modern Kitchen Fireplaces

Few elements say “dream kitchen” at the way that a fireplace will not. They represent the best in comfort and coziness, and satisfy a primal longing to collect around a hearth. When most people think of kitchen fireplaces, nevertheless, they picture a colossal brick surround with a cavernous firebox that could easily maintain a cast […]

Northern California Gardener's September Checklist

Back in the 1960s, with a baby girl and another on the way, I had a second job working in a nursery on weekends (and needed a third). Every fall we brought out the banner ads calling autumn “California’s second spring” This was not just some kind of bogus advertising slogan, like “Petunias will include […]

Guest Picks: Go-To Resources for Pretty Pillows

Pillows are frequently the ideal finishing touch at a space, but it can be frustrating to monitor just the perfect one. This month, I’ve piled up my top ten sources for pillows to complement any room, whether you prefer fancy decorator fabrics, shabby chic or soulful’70s design. — Laura from Lolalina AphroChic Shop Boerum Hill […]

Budget Decorator: 25 Fab Projects With 1 Paint Can

When it comes to getting the most bang for the decorating buck, there’s no question that paint reigns supreme. But in the event that you truly want to take advantage of your purchase, try extending that can of paint by using it in a number of smaller projects. Whether you’re starting with a full can […]

Modern Icons: The Eames Bird

This darling little bird became famous by injury. Charles and Ray Eames were constantly rearranging the”collage” of items around their iconic home, and the original bird was a favourite piece of American folk art they used sometimes when styling photographs. The little guy captured the eyes of Eames fans who wanted one. Now, in collaboration […]

9 Unexpected Cool Color Schemes for Boys' Rooms

Think about a classic color palette to get a young boy’s bedroom, and you probably imagine navy and denim blues, reds, khakis and tans, and dark purple accents. And while there’s a reason so many boys’ spaces default to those hues (they’re cheery yet masculine, and they function for all ages), a anticipated palette can […]