8 Artfully Asymmetrical Fireplaces

Fireplaces add design value to any interior area, but those that seem to be more works of art compared to utilitarian components are those that capture our attention. With an range of materials with a sense of balance, scale and harmony can transform any fireplace from drab to bold.

Have a look at these asymmetrical fireplaces which are intended to impress.

Storage room. The majority of the time, over just wood needs storing round a fireplace. Incorporate storage shelves and drawers for a clutter-free and comfy room.

Tip: A longer fireplace hearth provides additional seating.

Claudia Leccacorvi

Mix and fit. Mix several substances together in a fireplace design. Tile, stone and stainless steel are all expertly matched for design cohesion here.

Tip: afford the fireplace surround all the way into the ceiling to make the ceiling feel taller.


Lighten up. Accent lighting over this firebox is situated against the back wall to make a scalloping visual impact. The indirect lighting at the peak of the fireplace points upward and spills onto the ceiling.

Tip: Designing the fireplace in the same color family as the adjoining walls allows the lighting to become the focal point.

Equinox Architecture Inc. – Jim Gelfat

Suitable vulnerability. The interior chimney shaft of this fireplace — which is often hidden — stays completely exposed for a minor industrial feel.

Tip: Not every fireplace needs tile. Talk with your builder or designer to find out what tile-free design choices would work for the fireplace.

Contemporary home architects

Cutting corners. Extending the fireplace opening only slightly around a corner makes a big visual impact and helps to spread heat to the rest of this room.

Tip: Use tile instead of stainless steel to the band for a much more traditional appearance.

Hufft Projects

Tall, dark and handsome. This tall fireplace with its dark standard-brick-pattern focal wall looks very manly. Add a great dark wood mantel to complement almost any bachelor pad.

Tip: A grand fireplace surround like this makes a small fireplace box seem bigger at first glance.

Bill Fry Construction – Wm. H. Fry Const. Co..

Shelf life. Looking for a new take on conventional fireplace built-ins? Extend your mantel out past the fireplace to seamlessly incorporate into ambient shelving.

Tip: Add lighting under every shelf to light artwork and precious possessions, and also to highlight your fireplace’s assymetrical design.

California Home + Design

Gray days. A floor-to-ceiling fireplace in all gray provides the illusion of a dividing wall rather than an actual fireplace. This wall acts so the fireplace becomes the accent.

Tip: Change the direction of the striations on the terrace substance from vertical to horizontal to create a room appear wider rather than taller.

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