Modern Icons: The Eames Bird

This darling little bird became famous by injury. Charles and Ray Eames were constantly rearranging the”collage” of items around their iconic home, and the original bird was a favourite piece of American folk art they used sometimes when styling photographs. The little guy captured the eyes of Eames fans who wanted one.

Now, in collaboration with the Eames family and centered upon 3D scans of the first carved bird, Vitra is creating reproductions for people who prefer to emulate the Eames down to their own personal accessories.

Eames House Bird by Vitra – $235

The superb little bird works nicely among a range of different objects composed on a shelf. This group also has an iconic Nelson Sunflower clock.

Eames House Bird – $250

The replicate birds have been carved from alder wood in Germany, although the bird came from Appalachia.



Eames House Bird by Vitra

Do you think the bird gets that cat? This is among my preferred product shots. But, we don’t suggest using this bird.

Studio Zerbey Architecture + Design

The bird finishes a shelf in the house of Kyle Zerbey and architects Lauren. The Home Sweet Home art featuring the Eames plywood seat is by Etsy artist Jenn Ski.

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The Sky is the Limit Style

While birds and human snacks are never a fantastic mix from the wild, they are a fantastic combination in this contemporary kitchen. The bird provides small black accent in which the eye can land.

Elad Gonen

It is fun to give the bird a high perch on which would most likely be a vacant spot atop a partial wall.


Kay out of Kay Loves Vintage is an Eames fan and also a saavy collector and arranger who doesn’t have to emulate anybody. How this bird made it into her extensive mid-century contemporary collection gives it extra points in my book.

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Feinmann, Inc..

At just 11″ high (and roughly the same in length), it’s rather remarkable that you can spot this little guy from an area or two off.

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