Budget Decorator: 25 Fab Projects With 1 Paint Can

When it comes to getting the most bang for the decorating buck, there’s no question that paint reigns supreme. But in the event that you truly want to take advantage of your purchase, try extending that can of paint by using it in a number of smaller projects. Whether you’re starting with a full can or are wondering what to do with the past few drops, there’s sure to be something here to inspire your next project. These 25 creative painting thoughts include something for every room in the home.


1. Bedroom + lots of paint = patterned wall. If you’ve got a color plus a can of paint (and lots of patience), this project is for you. Take your time plotting out the routine with painter’s tape (I recommend starting the weekend before). For the best results, paint one color and allow it to dry before applying the second.

Tiffany Hanken Design

2. Bedroom + a little paint = molding accents. If you have only a smidge of paint, try picking up some decorative moldings at the hardware shop to accent your wall instead. Paint the moldings white, if your wall is a shade. If you’ve got white walls, then attempt grey moldings for a stylish look.

Michaela Noelle Designs

3. Bedroom + a paint = chevron dresser. Give that old dresser a makeover with a carefully applied chevron pattern. If you would like something easier, try alternating thin and wide stripes, or simply paint the drawer fronts.

Jennifer Young

4. Bedroom + a paint = new accessories. Unify a selection of mismatched trays, bowls and jewellery holders with a fresh coat of paint. Metallic would be really pretty, too.

5. Living room + lots of paint = accent wall. A rich-hued accent wall can do wonders to enliven your space. Choose your wall sensibly — the new colour will draw focus to the place, so make it a location you want individuals to notice.

Belmont Design Group

6. Living area + a little paint = painted brick fireplace. For some reason, people hesitate painting over fireplaces. Sure, some historical homes have really beautiful original fireplaces that would be wise to leave alone — however if your brick fireplace was bumming you out, nothing is stopping you. Get out your paint can and jump to it!

How to Paint Your Brick Fireplace

Dreamy Whites

7. Living room a little paint = new life for an older mirror. A classic mirror, or even the mirrored door of an old armoire, can be refurbished with a coating of colour on the framework. If you have any of your wall colour rendered, try lightening it with a little bit of primer or white paint for a subtle tonal look.

Zhush LLC

8. Stairway + lots of paint = painted runner. Update a dark staircase by painting layers of light colours. Start with a white base, follow with the main runner colour and accent with a thin border stripe if you want.

Bockman + Forbes Design

9. Stairway + a paint = number stencils. Short on paint? Leaving the staircase bare, utilize a basic variety stencil set from the crafts shop to apply paint to each riser.

Kailey J. Flynn Photography

10. Kids’ room + lots of paint wall. This now-classic look has remained popular for a reason: It’s fun! What child does not want to have the ability to draw on the walls?

11. Kids’ room a little paint = striking doorway. Try your hand at painting an ornate border around a open door. Make a template by means of a roll of newspaper and tape it to the wall to create an outline you can follow.

Jennifer Bishop Design

12. Kids’ room + a teensy bit of paint = spice rack publication screen. Decked out a few inexpensive spice racks from Ikea with this supereasy project: Simply paint the racks, allow them to dry, then attach them to the wall socket.

Alex Amend Photography

13. Kitchen + lots of paint = darkened accent wall. Try your own take on a Union Jack motif, in whatever colours hit your fancy … or anything colours happen to be lying about in your own storage closet.

Keep Smiling Home

14. Kitchen + a little paint = chalkboard fridge. If you’ve got a little bit of chalkboard paint leftover from another project, I love the idea of using it to pay a dull fridge for an instantaneous message board.

General Assembly

15. Kitchen + a teensy bit of paint = stenciled wall artwork. Make a statement with a single oversize letter or number, carefully stenciled.

Jeanette Lunde

16. Craft room + lots of paint = whitewashed floors. White floors may not look like the most practical choice for a craft area, however they feel creative and fresh, and are surprisingly useful — only try finding that stray bead onto a dark floor.

Laura Trevey

17. Craft room + lots of paint = painted pegboard. Organize the tools of your trade and hang artwork in a creative screen with a very simple pegboard from the hardware shop. Match your walls or comparison them; the choice is yours.

Monica Ewing

18. Craft room a little paint = adorned crates. Basic wooden crates are transformed into a creative storage and display area with a fun fresh hue. For added popup, line the backs with background scraps or fairly wrapping paper.

Emily Elizabeth Interior Design

19. Toilet + lots of paint = chic wide stripes. Continue a wide stripe from the inside of the bathroom right onto the rear of the doorway for an unexpected twist.

Keep Smiling Home

20. Toilet + a little paint = bathtub makeover. Give your claw-foot bathtub a lick of colour — dark grey, black or sour chocolate will look chic and classy. Try red, pink or vibrant blue for a more bold look.

Lola Nova

21. Toilet + a teensy bit of paint = tin can containers. Turn old cans into handy vessels for everything from crops to makeup brushes with a touch of colorful paint.

Frederick + Frederick Architects

22. Dining room + lots of paint = darkened floor. Whether you go for a traditional checkerboard or modern stencils, painting a pattern on the dining area floor means that you may forgo the rug. Paint the background, or allow the natural wood glance, as revealed here.

Tobi Fairley Interior Design

23. Living room + a little paint = updated buffet. Paint only the fronts of the drawers and cabinets for a two-tone look. Alternatively, if you’ve got a glass-front cabinet in the dining area, try painting only the interior of the cabinets for a subtle change.

Shannon Malone

24. Home office + lots of paint = gallery wall. Ground an art wall above your desk with a deep dark color. When the colour has been applied, try out your arrangement of items on the floor before hanging it to be sure it works.

25. Home office + a little paint = DIY wall artwork. Believe you can’t make art? All you will need for this project is a plain extended canvas from the regional art supply shop, painter’s tape (to mark out the chevron pattern) and paint.

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