How to Install & Fix a Refrigerator Thermostat

A refrigerator thermostat controls the refrigerator’s compressor, turning it around and off accordingly to maintain the desired temperature within the refrigerator. If the thermostat on your refrigerator is flawed, the temperature at the fridge will not remain cold enough to store your food from spoiling. If your refrigerator isn’t staying cold enough, you can set up and adjust a refrigerator thermostat in just a couple of minutes with a couple of common hand tools.

Pull out the refrigerator and unplug the unit’s electrical cord from the outlet behind the refrigerator.

Locate the panel featuring the temperature adjustment dials within the refrigerator. Eliminate the thermostat control knob or bows. Loosen the screws or remove the clips which hold the panel cover above the thermostat with a screwdriver and lower the panel.

Slide the thermostat, which is a relay with 2 or three wired links and a flexible temperature sensing tube, from this casing.

Eliminate the spade connectors of the wires in the thermostat and set the thermostat aside. If the wires have been soldered to the thermostat, then clip the wires within one inch of the human body of this thermostat.

Connect the wires to the new thermostat at exactly the very same positions where they were removed. If the wires necessary to be cut to remove the old thermostat, then trim 1/2-inch of insulation in the ends of the clipped wires, and twist the cable strands to prevent fraying. Wrap the wires across the terminals at exactly the very same places as they were about the thermostat. Hold the tip of a heated soldering iron to the terminal and press on the tip of a strand of flux wires onto the terminal to solder the cable to the terminal. Solder another terminals in like style.

Route the temperature sensing tube to the casing. In case the old sensing tube had an insulator, remove it and put it on your new sensing tube. Reinstall the casing to hold the thermostat in place, then replace the thermostat control knob or bows.

Reconnect the refrigerator to the wall outlet and listen to confirm that the compressor turns on.

Open the refrigerator door, and put a refrigerator thermometer on one of the center shelves of the refrigerator. Permit the refrigerator’s thermostat to adjust the temperature for 24 hours, then check the thermometer to find out if the temperature is in the desired level. If you want the temperature to be reduced or lower, rotate the heat dial for the refrigerator to a warmer or cooler setting accordingly, then wait 24 hours and check again. Continue checking and correcting until the temperature is in the desired level.

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