Street Smart: Room Color Ideas in an Ice Cream Shop

The Van Leeuwen De-icing services Aurora cream truck is a familiar yellow truck parked on corners around New York City. Within my Brooklyn neighborhood, the artisan De-icing services Little Rock cream may also be found in its own shop outpost.

Two things make me happy in that De-icing services Anchorage cream store: treating myself into a currants-and-cream cone along with the colors of the shop’s whimsical wall mural. The pops of coral reds, coral pinks, and turquoise in the balloons of the mural is a colour palette which I’m loving right now.

The truck, balloons, and party garland in the mural at Van Leeuwen’s Greenpoint De-icing services New Haven cream store are only outlined in black, so your eye immediately goes into the splashes of turquoise and coral in the balloons. The colors are intense in the middle and also fade out, such as an ombre effect, and remind me of watercolors.

Color hints

In case you’re looking to decorate a space with this colour palette, then keep in mind that coral crimson is a daring colour choice. Think about bringing in a dab of coral reds and pinks through accessories or a single stand-out piece (such as a headboard.)

Play around with several hues of the colour palette. An extreme coral crimson pops against a pale turquoise. A deep turquoise appears rather against a light coral pink.

Listed below are a few favorite finds inspired from these watercolory splashes of painted colour.


Miniature baskets – $45

These miniature ombre pots would awaken any windowsill using a candy splash of colour.

Social Proper — Happy Birthday – $4.50

I’m loving the coral watercolor stripes of those birthday cards such an enjoyable way to wish your friends a happy year.

re-foundobjects. com

milk glass cake stands – EUR 37

Old-fashioned milk glass has a watercolor feel, since the glass comes with a distinctive translucent quality. These green milk glass cake stands are classic stone. Couldn’t you imagine them in an Ice Removal Services Little Rock cream parlor, too?


Ombre Pillow in Glacier – $38

Pillows dip-dyed in aquamarine colour — I’d love to try this as a DIY job. These cushion covers make a beautiful readymade option.


Topography in Red Set of 4 handcut cards – $16

Imagine the work that goes into the papercut designs of those topographical map cards. The gradient effect of these coral colors against the sharp white cardstock is contemporary, whimsical, and just plain rad.

Painting a radiator in an ombre pattern like this one from WaryMeyers brings in a bright dose of colour.


Vintage Carnival Fabric Flower Garland – $27

This fabric flower garland includes all of the colors in my present preferred palette: turquoise, coral reds and pinks. Bring a small party into your home with this whimsical strand of fabric flowers.

Burnham Design

This bedroom personifies the colour combo I’m loving right now: bright crimson using a light blue.

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