Can Cedar Siding That's Painted Be Stripped & Stained?

Many homeowners prefer the rich, natural appearance of timber as an alternative — particularly when the timber delivers the rustic aesthetics of cedar while paint offers long-lasting and durable protection for timber siding. Stripping all of the paint from cedar that was formerly painted may be a chore, but employing an or NMP, chemical stripper simplifies the process. The siding may readily accept a stain that will improve the natural colour of the cedar and block it When the paint has been removed.

Spread drop cloths on the ground and over foliage to protect plant life from any chemical damage.

Distribute an paint eliminating paste utilizing a paint brush. Take care to find the paste. Climb a ladder to achieve any parts of the exterior wall that are out of your reach.

Allow the paint eliminating paste at least two hours to work. If the siding is coated with more than four coats of old paint, give at least four hours to penetrate through all of the paint layers to the timber to the NMP paste.

Begin scratching the mix of paint and paste off using the paint scraper. If the compound that is stripping has enough time to finish its work, it is going to prove easy to pull the paint. That’s stuck inside any crevices if necessary, use the wire brush to remove the paint and then paste mix.

Wash the siding using a low-power pressure washer between 1,000 and 1,500 psi. Let the cedar dry for one to two days before moving on to the next step.

Apply the semi-transparent stain using an angled brush, also called a brush. As before, use a ladder to get places. Most stains provide coverage in a jacket, but some require more or two coats. Read the manufacturer’s directions for details

Eliminate when program is complete.

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