Guest Picks: A Fall Kitchen

I spend a lot of time in the kitchen, therefore enclosing the space with items that are purposeful and well made is important to me. Here’s a peek at some of the things, both pretty and functional, which I use and adorn my kitchen and tabletop together — and some I admire from afar. Happy […]

Loving Color: A Rainbow of Sofas

Some people today decorate on the road less traveled. Most of us know the plan tip: Stick with neutrals for your large pieces of furniture (namely sofa) and bring in color with accents, like pillows. But if all of us followed this idea to go with a neutral sofa, where would all of the vibrant […]

Things You Need to Remember from Your Home Inspection

When you are purchasing a home, the home inspection is at least as important as the terms of the mortgage you get. Don’t confuse the home inspection with the home appraisal, which estimates a fair price based on current sales of comparable homes. A certified home inspector assesses each the home’s components, identifying problems, both […]

Will a Craftsman Bagger Fit on a Husqvarna?

Some manufacturers design their equipment so that only brand-specific parts match the machine. Craftsman mowers are made by several manufacturers. Based on the model, some Craftsman mowers are created by Husqvarna and the baggers are interchangeable. When buying a new bagger for a Husqvarna mower, then consult the sales staff to make certain that the […]

Multicolored Flowering Bushes

Shrubs with multiple colours of blooms could be combined with plant multitasking, with a great deal of eye appeal to one instead of several types of shrubs. You can find a similar effect with shrubs which have multiple leaf colours or marked seasonal color changes. Multicolored shrubs work well in little gardens and in areas […]

Glass Cloche Tutorial

A glass cloche creates a miniature greenhouse environment for just one plant in the backyard. This allows you to extend the growing season by planting earlier in spring or for growing more into fall. Traditionally, cloches were bell-shaped, bottomless jars, but today a variety materials in different shapes are used for covering and protecting garden […]

8 Perennials for Great Fall Colour

Out here on the prairie, trees have been relegated to cities, cities and river bottoms. Stand upon a bluff overlooking the Missouri River valley in eastern Nebraska, and the tree color is magnificent well into late October and early November. If you squint just tough enough and trick back some warm apple cider, then you […]

Dutch Architects Balance the Familiar and the Avant-Garde

The avant-garde Dutch architecture firm MVRDV (an initialism of the names of the founding members, Winy Maas, Jacob van Rijs and Nathalie de Vries) has handled a wide selection of projects, by a doghouse and individuals houses to entire sections of cities in and outside of the Netherlands. Research is the consistency in the company’s […]

11 Ways to Wake Up a Walk-in Pantry

Do you ever open your walk-in or closet-style pantry and believe, “I am so uninspired”? Add some vibrant character to this pantry and you might end up opening up the doorway in an entirely different frame of mind. Even the best-laid-out pantries could be a missed layout chance if they are all white. Sure, white […]

10 Things to Ask Your Contractor Before You Begin Your Job

Remodeling or building a new home is a large financial and emotional investment. Additionally, it may be a large investment of your time if you want to be closely engaged in the decision-making. Knowing what to expect before the project gets started will help you better prepare for the process. Here are 10 questions you […]

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