Designer's Touch: The Kitchen

Kitchens are often now the most used area in the house, meaning they require special attention. If you are feeling like your kitchen lacks that extra something, try out these behind-the-scenes designer tips to bring your kitchen to life with fantastic style. Erdreich Architecture, P.C. 1. Show off. When you’ve got a distinctive set, use […]

The Indoor Gardener: Reconsider Fabulous Ferns

If you hear the term “fern” and shudder over 1970s flashbacks of macramé planters, it is time to rethink this humble houseplant for decorating your home today. Ferns are available in many sizes and shapes, in the delicate maidenhair to the manly staghorn, so there’s sure to be one which suits your tastes. No matter […]

Decorating Around the World: Scandinavian Style

Individuals from the Nordic countries of Sweden, Denmark and Norway have produced some methods of maximizing light round. Luckily, winter is somewhat briefer here in the Northeast, where I live, but I am still excited to steal some excellent tips from these experts to lighten my winter home. Clean-lined furnishings colors, light and a notable […]

Meet Your Desk: How to Create a Workspace This Works

Working with customers in their home offices around Los Angeles, I see a great deal of good working habits and some not-so-good working habits. And while it is rather obvious to me when I’m looking at a workspace why an individual might not be performing efficiently, most do not realize how to create a workspace […]

Tell Us: Why Did You Fall in Love With Your Residence?

For renters and buyers on the search for a home, there always seems to be the one thing that stops you in your tracks and seals the deal to the perfect place. For me, the old engraving of a hunter and his dog on the front doorway of my tiny San Francisco apartment left my […]

Handmade Home: The Paper Pompom

I love craft projects that could be accomplished quickly and for little money. These darling paper pompoms fall into that category. All these pompoms have made their own way round the blogosphere as decorations for special events from showers, to birthdays and weddings. However they can easily translate to house décor too. They add a […]

Details Make a Big Statement

When designing a house, the big choices usually stress out us the most. Should we tear that wall down? Is this the best floor for the whole house? Will that sofa be the ideal statement piece for your entryway? But small things can have a large impact too. From cabinet pulls to accessories, details can […]

Street Smart: Room Color Ideas in an Ice Cream Shop

The Van Leeuwen De-icing services Aurora cream truck is a familiar yellow truck parked on corners around New York City. Within my Brooklyn neighborhood, the artisan De-icing services Little Rock cream may also be found in its own shop outpost. Two things make me happy in that De-icing services Anchorage cream store: treating myself into […]

Quick Project: Brighten the Space Under Your Kitchen Sink

Around this time every year, I seem to go through a mega must clean everything NOW stage. From top to bottom, the house is emptied of anything that doesn’t matter to me anymore, but it never fails that I eventually find myself running out of steam. That is usually when I change gears and locate […]

Guest Groups: Baby Blue Essentials

It is the very first thing that pops into a mother’s head the minute she sees that plus sign on the evaluation: designing the perfect nursery. Okay, so perhaps that is not the initial thing a mother thinks about, however, it was surely an early consideration for this mother and grandmother. When we found a […]

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