Yes, You Can Enjoy Your Yard! Here's How

In mild climates, there’s still time to plant a more merry camellia in a kettle near the front door and put in bulbs to get a big spring show. In colder areas, it’s time to gather boughs in the yard for new structures inside and out. In the Southwest, luminarias make outdoor rooms shine, and […]

10 Tips for a Soothing French Country Nursery

If you think of French style, the relaxed look of French country often springs to mind: tender, intimate, inviting and comfortable. The look has bohemian undertones; the furniture will be antique or reflect older fashions. Bright, airy colours and a mixture of soft, natural, breathable fabrics characterizes it. This calming palette of soft colours and […]

A Broad Basement Gets in the Game

This Portland, Oregon, remodel turned a dark ’70s-style basement into a fantasy area for a household of four. Designer Erin Davis of Mosaik Design & Remodeling and Jenny Guggenheim of Fig Studio Interior Design made full use of the spacious 1,700-square-foot basement, incorporating a match area, TV area, bedroom, bath and kitchenette. Midcentury-inspired furniture and […]

Open-Air Living in the Mountains of Bali

A former London city slicker, Simon Evans made the move from an urban apartment to this darkened tropical home among the trees. He worked together with local business Bali GreenWorld to design and construct his new home — a two-story 377-square-foot construction made entirely out of locally sourced materials. And he cleared out all the […]

Kitchen of the Week: A Part-Time Space Entirely Satisfies

Though this pied-à-terre kitchen at San Francisco gets less usage than just one in a fulltime home, the owners still wanted all the amenities of a whole kitchen. Used mainly for a week for a month at a time, it has 82 square feet of distance — meaning the owners had to maintain their wish […]

Go Wide With a Football-Watching Party Outside

The start of the new NFL season is just round the corner. On Wednesday evening, September 5, 2012, the Cowboys of Dallas take on the Giants of New York. You couldn’t ask for a much better kickoff to soccer season, as this is one of those great NFL rivalries, pitting “America’s Team” contrary to the […]

Kitchen Counters: Gorgeous Engineered Quartz

Engineered quartz is countertops’ style chameleon. Whether you love traditional or modern, apple green or ecru, honed or polished, flecked or patterned, quartz’s myriad choices will have you covered. Engineered quartz is also simple to keep, nontoxic and nonallergenic — there’s not much to dislike about this magnificent man-made material. Abodwell interior design- Brittney Fischbeck […]

Renewed Classic: Gooseneck Barn Lights

When folks ask me what “classic modern” means, I flub over words but will direct them into a photo of a barn light and say “that is it.” These fixtures have been, well, a fixture on farms and in workshops for several decades. They have been developed to stand up to the elements and “poisonous […]

Why Your Home Office Must Be at the Backyard

Most of us want an office — a workspace where we could focus, think and have all the tools we want. Let’s face it: Even if you don’t work out of home, you work from home. Taking work home is now pandemic, with individuals habitually now working at night, on weekends and more on vacation. […]

Grab Some Zzzs in Your Baby's Nursery

Caring for a baby requires a lot out of you. Inside my mothering career, there have been nights through which I spent time in the infant’s room than in my own. Middle-of-the-night diaper changes, feedings, consoling colic — while everybody else in the house slumbered, I frequently could be seen in the nursery school. One […]

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