Voles & Yard Damage

Voles (Microtus spp.) , also known as meadow mice, are pests of both lawns and gardens, building extensive burrows that can destroy or mar turf. These tiny, mouselike insects are busy both day and night, year-round, allowing them to do considerable damage in a brief time when humans are high. Fortunately, you can usually control […]

How to Restring Broken Blinds Strings

Blinds that won’t go down or up or hang askew create an entire room look prettier. Venetian blinds and other styles of blinds utilize two or more lift strings to increase and lower the blinds evenly. These strings are routed across pulleys in the head rail and the blinds can be held in place with […]

How to Keep the Yard Clean in Your Property

Nothing accentuates your home’s verdant, vibrant landscape like a tidy, clean lawn. A clean lawn accentuates its borders, highlights landscape attractions and adds complete value to the home using its aesthetic appeal. Maintaining a clean lawn, however, entails a bit more than picking up errant toys, lawn implements and trash. A clean, healthful lawn is […]

The way to Install Springs On Attic Staircases

A retractable attic staircase offers a far safer way to get in and out of your attic than using a stepladder. Springs keep the attic staircase closed when not being used. When the springs weaken or break, the staircase won’t stay closed correctly. It takes two people to modify the springs, but you and your […]

When to Prune the Linden Tree?

Linden is a tall landscaping tree which gains from pruning to control its form and promote tree health. You’ll come across the linden growing in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 3 through 8 where it produces an attractive oval canopy using dark green heart-shaped leaves. The typical linden reaches a height of 50 […]

The way to Cover Cylindrical Pillows

Cylindrical pillows add a touch of elegance to a bed and offer a little extra back support on a sofa or chair. However, no matter how cautious you’re, wear, tear and accidental spills may take their tollfree. It’s not difficult to re-cover a cylindrical pillow, even when you are not that handy with a sewing […]

How to: Makeshift Bath Dividers

Because of space limitations and based on housing arrangements, two or more people may have to share the same bedroom without a lot of awareness of privacy or person space. Houses typically don’t have built-in room dividers for making massive rooms smaller or more private, and adding a wall to divide a room is not […]

The way to Paint Closet Doors to Appear Like Lockers

If plain closet doors have been dragging the design variable down in a rec room, home gym or child’s bedroom, use paint to transform them into lockers. You can camouflage a utility closet behind a synthetic locker door or make sliding closet doors look like shiny gym lockers. Adapt the job to suit your DIY […]

What Color to Make Base Molding?

It is enough that you figured from the ceilings and the wall paint, balanced the dark hallway with the lighting living room and coordinated the kitchen shade with the blue cabinets. Now all those baseboards remain. Molding which disguises the meet-up of floors and walls can be unobtrusive or a defining design element, depending on […]

How to Get a Condo

It’s possible to find condos at flat-rate costs by looking the foreclosure pages. Mortgage lenders can foreclose on a property once the borrower defaults on the mortgage arrangement, but use foreclosure as a last resort because of the costs connected with repossessing, managing and marketing foreclosed real estate; they’re in the lending business, not the […]

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