Renewed Classic: Gooseneck Barn Lights

When folks ask me what “classic modern” means, I flub over words but will direct them into a photo of a barn light and say “that is it.” These fixtures have been, well, a fixture on farms and in workshops for several decades. They have been developed to stand up to the elements and “poisonous effect,” like somebody bonking into it using a ladder.

A result of the performance is a magic and straightforward form. Its familiar rural shape touches that a lot of us that is a little nation, and its industrial substances touch that a part of us that is a small rock and roll. Look at those gooseneck barn lights with fresh eyes and think about how you might use one in an unexpected manner.

Birdseye Design

The wall-mounted light has long been a frequent element on agricultural structures, supplying a flood of light for those finishing outdoor tasks.

Barn Light Electric Company

These classic utilitarian fixtures have a gooseneck and many times a cage to protect the lightbulb.

RJ Elder Design

These high-functioning lights migrated from the barn to the principal house, lighting the area around doors.

Savvy Interiors

Interior designers have picked up on the nostalgic charm and classic shape of barn lights, and adapted them to be used as wall-mounted sconces indoors.

Van Wicklen Layout

A very simple barn light adds a rustic feel, yet its industrial appearance is inherently modern. It’s a fantastic pick for modern nation, cabin, new conventional and transitional styles.

Michelle Fries, BeDe Design, LLC

Goosenecks also work great in pairs, trios or a much larger group. This line of crisp black lights coordinates using the black trim, white board-and-batten siding and farmhouse porch feel.

Their shape directs and expands the light, flood the space below. Hence, they supply excellent light to kitchen, studio or workshop work surfaces.


Angled metallic sunglasses turn barn light-style fixtures in to chic art lighting.

ZeroEnergy Design

A barn light lends farmhouse style to some room, serving this toilet nicely as a wall sconce.

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Martin Bros.. Contracting, Inc..

The light is a great selection for flooding the outdoor shower with light when you hanker to get a midnight al fresco rinse.

Schoolhouse Electric Pumps Up Classic Lighting
Country Style Gets an Urbane Update

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