Why Your Home Office Must Be at the Backyard

Most of us want an office — a workspace where we could focus, think and have all the tools we want.

Let’s face it: Even if you don’t work out of home, you work from home. Taking work home is now pandemic, with individuals habitually now working at night, on weekends and more on vacation.

Some people even work fulltime from house. But when you’re “at work” in your house office, nobody else in the home will treat you like you are at work. They will interrupt you, make noise, ask you to participate in things and generally expect things of you that they would not if you’re in a workplace. The home itself will beckon with food, entertainment, chores and relaxing.

Unless you are really disciplined and skillful, working from home means you are never entirely at work, and you are never entirely in house. This blurring of boundaries can damage the quality of your work and also the level of your life, if you allow it. Interruptions make work less effective, which means it takes. Loved ones are usually unaware of the impact of interruptions and may even become resentful because you are not really paying complete attention.

The areas we live and work in profoundly affect our psychological state. That is why individuals who do not work at home have a big advantage: They leave the home to go to work. You do not realize how significant this simple action is emotionally until you’ve tried to work at house fulltime. Leaving the home lowers the expectation of accessibility by your family and friends and eases a definite shifting of equipment out of personal time.

Whittle your sail to 10 seconds without the hassle of building

The best of all possible worlds is to work at home and leave the home to get the job done. How? By placing an office.

Like a rat-race commuter, you can get dressed, have breakfast, say goodbye to the goldfish, then march out the door prepared to conquer the world. Walk across a rock path, open your office door, firing up your computer and get to work. Outside the home, you will not be fair game to anybody inside. You will be able to control your environment and focus on work so you can do it and “go home”

You’re able to build a garden office, but you do not need to. Several companies make very high-functioning, cheap prefabricated offices that you may just purchase and fall in the yard.

tetra shed

Tetra Shed

The Tetra Shed is a modular system for living and functioning that may be combined into clusters of around six. Two or one are ideal for a garden office. When they are available later in 2012, you will be able to personalize the exterior with various colours and materials, including rubber, steel, zinc and aluminum.



The OfficePOD is a 7- by 7-foot prefab office with some innovative features. The office itself has sockets internally, and then one electrical connector gets juice out of the home. The walls reflect light in the ceiling. An integrated desk and wood-slat storage give you all the basics for a house office.

Pricing is dependent on customization options. Other kinds of PODs, including a MeetingPOD, are also offered.

Sett Studio

Sett Studio – $31,500

The Sett Studio office is much similar to a prefab home, using a “Ice Removal Services Boise and water shield roof membrane,” drywall walls and Monotred flooring. A solar-powered version is in the works.

It’s possible to add updates like air conditioning and heat, an integrated desk, stainless steel metal shingles and planter boxes. You may even add a deck.


WorkPod – GBP 9,950

The Ecospace WorkPod is a relatively low-cost and functional backyard office that could be customized when you purchase.

It’s a swing-up window cover, which doubles as a sunshade when it’s raised. You may select from a number of colours and for much more cash add shelves, an integrated desk and other customizations to suit what you need to your new office off — but not too much off — from house.

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