Fantastic Design Plant:' Canna'Pretoria'

After the frost of winter and spring is receding along with the anticipation of poolside barbecues and al fresco dining is on the horizon, so it’s time to prepare for lush summer blossoms. For the greatest summer exclamation plant, Sasha Newman of Little Miracles Designs indicates Canna ‘Pretoria’ because of its statement-making foliage and blossoms. Plant’Pretoria’ in early spring to get a sensational tropical accent in your garden come summer. The only thing missing will be the services that is poolside.

Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Botanical name Canna‘Pretoria’ (syn. Canna ‘Bengal Tiger’, Canna‘Striata’, Canna‘Malawiensis Variegata’)
Common title: Canna lily
USDA zones: Can be grown anywhere if bulbs have been brought inside for winter. Winter hardy in zones 7 to 11.
Water requirement: Regular
moderate requirement: Full sun to partial shade
Mature dimension: 4 to 6 ft tall, 1 to 3 ft broad
Tolerances/environmental benefits: Deer resistant; firewise landscaping; flowers attract bees, butterflies and hummingbirds

Distinguishing traits. Billowy variegated leaves of green and yellow form the base of the plant and then accompany it yearlong. Early summer brings 3-foot spikes of vivid orange blossoms, which makes’Pretoria’ one of the most showy of the Canna lilies.

How to use it. Exotic architecture requires exotic landscapes, and’Pretoria’ adds a colorful exclamation to your outdoor living spaces. Grow’Pretoria’ poolside and create a lush and terrace couch. If your climate is temperate enough, plant’Pretoria’ directly into the ground. Opt for patio planters, which may be moved indoors during winters. Whether you plant this lily en masse or use it as a garden accent, vivid shades of orange topping bold variegated leaves amplify your backyard from understated to spectacular.

Newman states he uses the plant”as a starting point for color and texture development in the flower border.” As the texture and color are so daring, use companion plants to complement rather than compete with all the plant — textural plants with dark foliage and deep-flowering colors top his record.

Little Miracles Designs

Planting notes. While’Pretoria’ is much more cold hardy than many tropicals, freezing winters nevertheless pose a danger to its own survival. Plant in rich, moist and well-drained dirt after the last freeze of winter.

Once the plant finishes blooming, cut the stems back to encourage new growth. If your dirt regularly freezes over, either plant’Pretoria’ at a portable planter or dig the bulbs up and then transfer them indoors for the season prior to the first major freeze. When this seems labor intensive, it is the typical remedy of tropicals, and Newman guarantees it is well worth the trouble.

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