Mini Guide to Minimalism

So often, we approach spaces and wonder what could be added. But what about those things that can be removed? Certain spaces — people with great architecture, incredible views or small dimensions — may be best enhanced using a minimalist approach, whether that means minimal furnishings, eliminating artwork or even toning down the color palette. Continue reading for 12 living areas that successfully adopt a minimum decorative, along with some suggestions for making it work in your own home.

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If you’re lucky enough to have incredible wood flooring, don’t feel pressured to pay this up with rugs. Instead, go minimum by keeping it bare. If you’re worried about cold toes and have the budget, then consider an electric floor heating system.

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Minimalist arrangements really permit the structure of an area to breathe. Beautiful built-in closets, a stone fireplace and a natural-wood second-story railing take center stage when only a single seat, a rug and a drum fill the space. Is this practical for a complete household? Probably not. But if you lived alone, this installation might be an alternative.

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Perhaps you’ve got a wall made from stone, brick or a different type of eye cloth. It may be tough to resist the urge, but don’t feel like you need to pay it with artwork or shelves of knickknacks. Walls such as this are unique enough to stand by themselves. Additionally, their feel will offer enough visual excitement for the room.

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Couches are pretty much a go-to piece in a living space, but it is possible one is not necessary for you. If you are planning to utilize your living area more for social situations than for lounging in front of the tv, consider filling it with individual chairs. If your space is coupled with an incredible view like this one, choose chairs in a minimalist style in order that they don’t detract from it.

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In this space, an extra couch or seat might have easily been put in which the bigger pouf is. But it is a little place, and an additional heavy piece of furniture might have resulted in a cramped feel. Leaving it out helps the room feel open and airy, and the pouf offers additional seating if necessary.

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Even when you’ve got a bigger space, you don’t need to fill it completely with furnishings. By using only a sectional couch, an ottoman, a coffee table and side tables, this designer made a practical and comfortable living room without disrupting the walking stream from living space to dining area.

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Should you add a rug that makes a statement on its own, allow it to be the focal point by keeping the furniture design and color colour nominal.

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Mantels are generally adorned with large pieces of artwork, which can be truly impactful. But if you have got a great deal going on in your space — lots of patterns or colours, state — you may want to maintain the mantel minimal. Too many engaging elements in a room can cause a space to go flat if you’re not careful.

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Don’t forget that you can attain a minimalist design with the real furnishings you choose. In this space, a modern clear coffee table offers function without distracting from the house’s incredible architecture.

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In this space, two small coffee tables and chic chairs round out this seating area. You can enhance functionality while still keeping the appearance with little, clean-lined side tables near the chairs to offer a place for drinks.

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This living space might have easily used a large coffee table to serve both sofas. However, two smaller choices help to define both seating areas while also giving a center walkway through the room.

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Whenever you’ve got a view this incredible, the very last thing you want is a distracting furniture arrangement. Make the view the focal point by employing minimum pieces in calm neutrals that will not compete.

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