Idea of the Week: Vanity Using a Salon Touch

Hair can call for a lot of care. From dyes, to hairsprays, to curling irons, to hair dryers, to diffusers — that the list of hair products never seems to end. Most bathroom vanities aren’t set up for all this. Wires become tangled, countertops become burned.

Following decades of designing custom bathroom furniture, The Furniture Guild has a solution.

The Furniture Guild

These designers started out designing a lot of their pieces with hair drier”holsters,” a lot like what you would see in a hair salon. These were usually mounted on the rear of vanity doors. But this dressing table doesn’t have any doors — there are only drawers — so that they had to come up with a different way for the consumer to put away her hair dryer and curling iron.

Making use of one of the big drawers appeared to make the most sense. This pull-out is created from 2 dove-tail drawers using a door that connects the two. The designers added a surface into the bottom drawer, and cut two holes into it for a hair dryer and curling iron. For the hair drier, they put in a rubber holder for gripping distinct sized hair dryers. Powder-coated steel outlines the curling/flat iron holder.

The hair dryer and curling iron plug into a box within the dresser. This helps to keep the wires hidden and makes it effortless to close the drawer without unplugging everything.

This wise layout is something these designers have started performing on request. Since every client has different appliances in different shapes and sizes, they’ll often have the homeowners have a photograph of what they want to store in the space so they can fit it all in.

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