Designer's Touch: The Kitchen

Kitchens are often now the most used area in the house, meaning they require special attention. If you are feeling like your kitchen lacks that extra something, try out these behind-the-scenes designer tips to bring your kitchen to life with fantastic style.

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1. Show off. When you’ve got a distinctive set, use it to take your kitchen into new heights. For a modern take on old-world style, eliminate your upper chimney and put in open shelving in almost any substance. Your collectibles are now well prepared to strut their stuff.

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2. Take it to the top. In some spectacular kitchens, the wall cabinets meet the ceiling. If yours do not, you may add timber with crown molding to attain a heightened elegance.

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3. Let there be light. In case your ceiling-mounted lighting fixture is normal, add some glistening personality by massaging in a chandelier or laminated pendant.

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4. Let flow meet function. If your kitchen is feeling shut, replace any upper-cabinet wood doors with glass to offer an open and visual transition from one room to another.

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5. Deck the walls. Employ your favorite wall covering to your kitchen walls for fascinating flair. Make sure the one you select is durable and washable — you will thank yourself on Saturdays nighttime.

6. Keep an open mind. Remove your upper cabinet doors for quaint cabin appeal and also add your most colorful dishware for a picture-perfect effect.

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7. Make your ceiling magical. White ceilings may be lackluster. Easily change yours to some coffer-inspired masterpiece by installing timber on your favorite design and painting it white.

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8. Tell a color story. Whether you are beginning a story or rewriting one, use color to make a splash. Transform your kitchen into a best seller by painting just the island a hip and catchy color. Do not want to stop there? Paint exactly the identical color within your glass upper cabinets. Now that is a book that may be judged by its cover.

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9. Create wall art. Use your favorite tile to create a stunning backsplash set up from countertop to ceiling because your personal touch of art. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so get creative.

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10. Compose on the wall. Can’t find pen and paper to write a chores or grocery list? Slather an entire wall with chalkboard paint and never forget again.

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