Which Are a Daybed Mattress' Measurements?

A missing pillow or pillow can leave you wondering what to do about that recently acquired daybed framework rounding out the decor in a spare bedroom. A twin mattress — 39 inches long and 75 inches wide — fits the typical daybed. A larger, full daybed, less ordinary, necessitates a full-sized mattress.

A Daybed, by Any Other Name

A daybed mattress, oftentimes, is just like a twin bed or trundle bed mattress. A twin mattress is 39 inches long and 75 inches wide. In some cases, a daybed carries a mattress 54 inches wide and 75 inches , which is a complete – or – double-sized mattress. Bunk bed and trundle bed mattresses are generally twin-sized also, so that mattress hauled away from an old bunkbed could be repurposed onto a daybed.

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