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8 Popular Cabinet Door Styles for Kitchens of All Kinds

Your cabinet door style can be one of the most essential aspects in your kitchen’s new layout. Are cabinet doors one of the design elements at a kitchen, but they could be one of the priciest. From the elaborate to the easy, there’s a door style for each home layout. Have a peek at a […]

Desire a Gem of a Surface Material? Luxury Agate's a Dazzler

When I was a child, there was not anything sexier and more particular than a geode. Bear in mind those round stones, boring on the outside, but if you cracked them open, an eye-popping centre of glistening crystals and swirls of colours shone through? Who would have thought, staring at the miniature, artful world encased […]

Armoires Travel From Ancient Rome to High-Style Storage

How we store our possessions, particularly our treasures, needs careful consideration. 1 storage solution, the armoire, has served people well for hundreds of years, and for good reason. Its development from ancient Rome through the time of King Louis XIII and the Victorian era has turned it into a versatile and practical piece. These days […]

Want Gorgeous Interior Colors? Look to the Light

If you’re studying this ideabook, you’ve probably already looked at hundreds, or even tens of thousands of photographs of beautiful homes. Maybe you loved the colors in a room and wrote to ask the designer or contractor to inquire what these colors are. It is very important to keep something in mind when browsing photos: […]

Collect With Confidence: An Art-Buying Guide for Beginners

Starting an assortment of artwork that speaks to you personally is a worthy goal, but it might appear out of reach … and more than a bit confusing. Where do you start? What’s the distinction between an original work, a limited-edition print and a poster? Where do you shop for art — especially in the […]

25 Scrumptious Holiday Tablescapes by ers

ers, your beautiful holiday tablescape submissions had my mouth watering in anticipation of Christmas dinner. I’m so impressed with how you understand how to decorate a table. I’m also impressed with your photography skills. Thanks for sharing and styling to everyone. Here is a delicious sampling of the tables users are preparing for the holidays. […]

Thom Filicia Requires On a Fixer-Upper in'American Beauty'

It’s a book that provides excellent pragmatic guidance. But it’s also the ideal book for when you want to lock yourself in the bathroom, conceal from your kids, and look at pretty pictures. — Tina Fey, showcasing Thom Filicia’sAmerican Beauty (Random House, 2012) This is a book about falling in love with a house with […]

Kitchen Counters: the Choice for Affordable Durability, Tile

Tile countertops are loaded in old-world charm or masquerade as luxe stone slabs. Whether you are seeking affordable first-rate durability or you are a DIYer prepared to handle a kitchen makeover, tile countertops could be the ideal area for you. Sara Ingrassia Interiors The fundamentals: Typically either stone or ceramic, tile is adhered in thinset […]