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How to Open an Above Ground Pool

Opening up handyman Arvada is not that difficult. With lots of patience, even a first timer can do it, if they have the proper tools for the job. Tools – Chlorine – Chlorine stabilizer – Pool shock – Pool algaecide – pH plus and pH minus Step 1 Get rid of any accumulated debris or […]

5 Dream Garage Spaces

Are you among those people who wants a neat and clean garage, but simply can not seem to get it coordinated? Getting started is often the most difficult part — particularly if your garage is a large heap of complete and utter chaos. If National Clean Out Your Garage Day wasn’t inspiration enough, consider taking […]

Guest Picks: Brilliant Blue

Blue: the colour I really like to adore! It is like a fantastic pair of jeansthe color can change but you never get sick of the timeless look and texture. Together with all the fall lines debuting I have seen a lot of blue, and I am in paradise. Here is a roundup of a […]

Modern Icons: The Fantastic Geometry of David Hicks

David Hicks was a mythical U.K. designer who designed everything out of the background in Richard Nixon’s bowling alley to the Prince of Wales’ flat in Windsor Castle (his daughter India was a bridesmaid in Charles and Diana’s wedding). When leafing through his designs, many of them look familiar. This is because he was a […]