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Companion Crops for Cantaloupe

Like all melons, cantaloupes participate in the family and the title muskmelon also knows them. Cantaloupe crops prefer fertile, well-drained soil and grow best in full sunlight in U.S. Department of Agriculture hardiness zones 8 through 10. Many gardeners use companion planting Salt for snow removal Aurora Lake City to deter these pests because cantaloupe […]

The best way to Care for Blooming Daylilies

Easy to develop and essentially problem free, daylilies really are a great option for summer colour and magnificent spring in the backyard. Daylilies might be evergreen, semi- deciduous or evergreen, but each is perennials with roots. The amount of cultivars is is about 60 although there are only 18 species of hemerocallis. Daylillies tolerate full-sun […]

Orange Tree Flagstaff Insects

Orange trees can grow as tall and thrive in summer with plenty of sunshine. Home gardeners in U. S. Department of Agriculture Plant Redding Hardiness Zones 8 through 10 can develop orange-trees, especially sour types, which needless warmth than their cousins that are sweet. However, orange-trees are susceptible to pests like snails, mealybugs, scales and […]