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Landscape Suggestions for Privacy Screens

Blocking the view in your property from passersby and inquisitive neighbors gives you the privacy to relax at home, free from exposure to the outside world. Installing a normal hedge may be the expedient thing to do, but creating your privacy displays part of the general landscape design requires just a little more effort. Creative […]

How to Level the Dirt in a Yard for Sod

Installing sod around your house gives you a second lawn, and some decide to go that route because it looks like the fastest and simplest way to achieve what they desire. Sod, however, actually does require a little bit of work before installation. To get a smooth grassy region that will have a good chance […]

Chill Out: 10 Cool Ways to Beat the Heat Outdoors

Summer doesn’t need to send you and your visitors clinging to the conveniences of air conditioning, especially if you’re eager to make your backyard a little more inviting with the addition of a welcome colour, air movement or possibly a splash of water. By incorporating one or more of these cool features to your outdoor […]