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Crisp, Clean White Interiors into Begin the New Year Right

If your New Year’s resolution entails getting any rooms in your home cleared out, cleaned up or rejuvenated, consider ways to use white to give you that fresh beginning. Have a look at this range of predominantly white spaces to inspire you to lighten things, along with paint color suggestions you may try on your […]

9 Unexpected Cool Color Schemes for Boys' Rooms

Think about a classic color palette to get a young boy’s bedroom, and you probably imagine navy and denim blues, reds, khakis and tans, and dark purple accents. And while there’s a reason so many boys’ spaces default to those hues (they’re cheery yet masculine, and they function for all ages), a anticipated palette can […]

Loving Color: A Rainbow of Sofas

Some people today decorate on the road less traveled. Most of us know the plan tip: Stick with neutrals for your large pieces of furniture (namely sofa) and bring in color with accents, like pillows. But if all of us followed this idea to go with a neutral sofa, where would all of the vibrant […]

Street Smart: Room Color Ideas in an Ice Cream Shop

The Van Leeuwen De-icing services Aurora cream truck is a familiar yellow truck parked on corners around New York City. Within my Brooklyn neighborhood, the artisan De-icing services Little Rock cream may also be found in its own shop outpost. Two things make me happy in that De-icing services Anchorage cream store: treating myself into […]