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The way to Fertilize Citrus Container Plants

Potted citrus trees look their best and produce the very best fruit when you fertilize them properly. There are two approaches you can take to fertilizing your tree. You can use a slow-release fertilizer annually or a liquid fertilizer on a set schedule. While the first method is simpler, the second gives you more control […]

Can You Clip Watermelon Plants to Help Them Grow?

Watermelon plants don’t require much pruning to develop large and juicy fruit; exactly what they really need is distance. Watermelon vines distribute in runners moving in all directions from the base, frequently growing longer than 3 feet. Pruning the vines may lead to poor pollination, but cutting some of this fruit can help the rest […]

What Fertilizer Should Be Put Away in Spring

Whether you’re beginning a new garden or enriching veteran soil, keep in mind that putting fluid down too soon may be a waste of time, energy and money. Without plants to absorb its benefits, fertilizer can be washed off or leached out of the ground by rain or ice melt. Applying compost or all-purpose fluid […]

The Pros & Cons of Pesticides & Fertilizers

For the past 10,000 years, humans have functioned to domesticate plants and also to develop farming methods that have evolved into agriculture as we know it today. These ancient farmers provided their communities with food and fiber, and little altered in their practices for millennia. The Industrial Age, however, brought about fundamental changes in agriculture, […]

How to eliminate a Squirrel in the Gutter

Squirrels are cute little critters when you visit them from a distance, bouncing from limb to limb and chasing each other about. But when they start building nests in places that disrupt the household, such as in your gutters, then they lose their appeal. You must find a way to encourage the squirrels to make […]

Bees & Landscaping

Bees are a vital part of the landscape, contributing to this cycle of many plants’ lives by pollinating flowers. Although honeybees are the best known of the mammals, tens of tens of thousands of native mammals can also be included in this vital task. Like butterflies, the task that bees do isn’t glamorous, but it’s […]

Swimming Pool Pump Turns On But Does Not Circulate Water

The pump is the heart of a swimming pool filtration system. The Association of Pool and Spa Professionals publishes standards for swimming pool flow. Residential pool pumps are needed to have adequate pumping capacity to turn over the entire volume of the pool each six hours. In the typical residential pool, this requires a flow […]

When to Prune Blue Spirea?

Blue spirea (Caryopteris divaricata), works well for dry inland areas with reduced rainfall in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 5 through 9. These plants thrive in full sunlight or partial shade and require minimal watering. Pruning is one of the few duties you will need to perform. Besides its own drought-tolerance, blue spirea […]

Problem With Watermelon Plants Shrivelling Up

Watermelons require the same care as other types of melons, except that they require a longer growing period, more heat and more space. Keeping the plants healthy and supplying proper growing conditions can assist the plant withstand disease and insects, but despite the best attempts insects, some common viruses and fungi may damage or even […]