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How to Repair Stamped Concrete That's Too Dark

Different methods of stamped concrete coloration need various procedures of color correction. Going from a darker color to a lighter one is tough and doesn’t lend itself well to do-it-yourself fixes. If you make an effort to repair the problem yourself, test your repair on an inconspicuous area first to make sure that you will […]

How to Eliminate Blushing on Wood Furniture

Blushing is a light milky color in timber finishes, resulting in moisture is trapped under the end. It may penetrate in the end by long-term exposure to humidity, or could be introduced to the lacquer as water vapor in the first application. Blushing may also be caused when water is splashed on the wet or […]

Can Cedar Siding That's Painted Be Stripped & Stained?

Many homeowners prefer the rich, natural appearance of timber as an alternative — particularly when the timber delivers the rustic aesthetics of cedar while paint offers long-lasting and durable protection for timber siding. Stripping all of the paint from cedar that was formerly painted may be a chore, but employing an or NMP, chemical stripper […]

Spraying Roses With Hairspray

There aren’t many things as lovely and romantic as a new bouquet of roses, whether straight from your garden or received as a gift. It would be great to store them in your home forever, but new roses may be an expensive thing to replace every couple of weeks. Turn those new blooms into dried […]

Vinegar to Kill & Avoid Ticks

If you devote a lot of time out in the garden, you or your pets might accidentally become hosts for ticks. Not only is it disgusting to see a tick below your skin, they carry serious diseases. Eliminating ticks in the yard can be hard, but vinegar might help prevent ticks from latching on to […]

The way to Repaint a Vintage Metal Rocking Chair

Repainting a vintage metal rocking chair can give it new life, in the event that you properly prepare your antique and find a suitable spray-paint shade. When you are after a vintage vibe or authentic look, consider high-gloss mint or moss green, bright aqua, sunny yellow or some horizontal muted red or black paint, or […]

How to Stain a Cedar Fence

A recently installed fence with the attractiveness of pure cedar provides value to your house. But over time and without proper maintenance, this pure glow will likely take on an unattractive, weathered gray look. Staining a brand new fence can help maintain its look, and after an older fence was cleaned, stain may help bring […]

How to Fix Leaks in a Deck Awning

You may not feel like it is your lucky day when you discover a leak in your deck — but you will be delighted to know that it is a simple repair job. If you have ever used glue to fix a broken plate or utilized tape to wrap a gift, then you can fix […]

How to Get Permanent Marker off of Plastic Seat Covers

Permanent marker ink is formulated to be only that — permanent. In some instances, however, you could have the ability to remove accidental feces stains from surfaces such as plastic seat covers with harsh chemicals. It might take more than 1 way to totally remove the mark ink. Treat Marker Stains with Drugs Apply rubbing […]

The Way to Install Sanded Grout

Give your kitchen a new look and add value for your home in a long weekend by installing tiles and pulling the old, worn vinyl floors. This project is perfect for the home made homeowner. Part of the tiling procedure is to fill the gaps or joints between the tiles. Sanded grout is recommended for […]