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How to Remove Old Wax Off Tile Flooring

Though most tile does not require waxing to maintain its shine and look, linoleum and some kinds of vinyl may require it. Frequent cleaning is essential to prevent dirt and stains from building up in the wax coating. Aged wax can turn yellow and look dull or dirty, despite the best care and maintenance. When […]

How to Place the Shine Back in Kitchen Cabinets

Prepare your kitchen cabinet to get a fresh look by eliminating particles and dirt stuck into your cabinets’ exterior, while paying attention to the materials and current condition of the cabinets. A wood surface revealing signs of flaking or discoloration may require a refinishing project to prevent additional damage to the timber. Use a spray […]

The Way to Get Oil and Dirt From Bedsheets

Dirt and oil build up on sheets from contact with hair and body care products, natural skin oils and normal sweating that happens while you’re sleeping, tossing and turning. Proceed to bed with clean skin and hair free from greasy lotions, cosmetics and products to maintain sheets cleaner between washings, but maintenance for your sheets […]

How to Wash and Restore a Worn Fiberglass Shower Base

Freestanding showers — especially in old homes and apartment complexes — often comprise fiberglass showers pans. These one-piece plastic bases, made from glass fibers embedded in resin and covered with a shiny gel coat, take less labor and time to install than grout and tile. But with use and age they become stained using soap […]

How to Eradicate Chocolate Stains on Couches

While it may be tempting to eat chocolate as you sit on the couch and watch your favorite program, finding little pieces of chocolate melted on the couch cloth afterwards is disheartening. Whatever the fabric or material that the sofa is made of, removing the errant chocolate entirely requires a few steps; then, your sofa […]

The way to Make Sheer Curtains Stiff Again

Few things are as refreshingly homey as sharp, clean sheer drapes. But, time, wear, dust and repeated washing might take the starch from your drapes, leaving them lifeless and limp. Many commercial starches contain formaldehyde, which makes them unsuitable for a few residences. Fortunately, cornstarch works as well at giving your old drapes new life. […]

The way to Remove Rust From Kitchen Table Legs

The older the kitchen table, the greater the opportunity its metal legs demonstrate at least a little rust. In many cases, you can remove the rust without negatively affecting the chrome or steel, removing years old in the appearance of those legs. Aluminum foil is the secret to a homemade rust remover: no harsh chemicals […]

Ove Glove Oven Mitt Washing Instructions

The Ove Glove oven mitt protects your hand from temperatures up to 540 degrees Fahrenheit. When using it to remove items from the oven and since this surface handler is five-fingered, unlike oven mitts that resemble mittens, you have dexterity. The Ove Glove As a one-size-fits-all glove, also made from the exact same proprietary heat- […]