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Best Garage Insulation Types

Insulating your garage can help reduce energy bills substantively. Although many homeowners do understand the benefits that come with insulating, they tend to ignore the garage when they insulate other parts of their home. Well, many insulating materials can be used for the garage. Most are relatively affordable, effective, and very easy to install. Garage […]

Houzz Tour: Complex Residence, Heated and Cooled by Layout

Rather than relying on technologies such as photovoltaic arrays and solar hot water heaters, a passive house is designed to maximize its ability to heat itself in winter and cool itself in summer. To do this requires careful consideration of a home’s site and how the sun moves across the sky, in which the trees […]

American Home Styles: The Queen Anne

At the tail end of the 19th and early to the 20th centuries, a popular home design in the United States was the Queen Anne. The Queen Anne was clearly a transitional design, making a bridge between the lush Victorian and the controlled Colonial Revival styles. The Queen Anne home is distinguished by its asymmetrical […]

Picking on the Color Purple

Purple is such an intriguing colour, not only in its physical appearance but also in its history and influence on popular culture. In our homes, purple can exude just as much adult elegance as it will childlike whimsy. It’s also associated with royalty and spirituality. A recent poll found that most people name purple as […]