How to Repair Stamped Concrete That's Too Dark

Different methods of stamped concrete coloration need various procedures of color correction. Going from a darker color to a lighter one is tough and doesn’t lend itself well to do-it-yourself fixes. If you make an effort to repair the problem yourself, test your repair on an inconspicuous area first to make sure that you will get the desired results.

Color Release Agent

To lighten stamped concrete following having a shade release powder or liquid, you must first strip the sealant with a chemical stripper constructed for this function. Scrub the stripped concrete using a stiff-bristled brush to eliminate as much of this shade as possible. If the concrete is still too dim, spray it with a mix that is 40 parts water to 1 part muriatic acid.

Integrated Color

After the shade is blended into the concrete before pouring, lightening it requires very thin layers of coloured dyes or stains. Strip away any sealer, prepare the concrete surface as directed and apply coats of acrylic blot in thin layers to avoid a painted appearance when completed. You can also try stripping away any sealer and power-washing the concrete to promote efflorescence, a naturally occurring salt movie that makes concrete appear lighter.

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