Handmade Home: The Paper Pompom

I love craft projects that could be accomplished quickly and for little money. These darling paper pompoms fall into that category. All these pompoms have made their own way round the blogosphere as decorations for special events from showers, to birthdays and weddings. However they can easily translate to house décor too. They add a playful element to any room, and they are not just for hanging from the ceiling, either. Here’s my easy-to-make take with this fun thought.

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Such as I did here, try one one, or play with smaller ones.

This massive pompom served as the centerpiece for our kid’s birthday party.

Hung in clusters, these fluffy crafts result in a gorgeous display.

You will want:
Tissue paperScissorsTwine, pipe cleaner or wireFishing line, or some other string to suspend your pom-pomBone folder (optional)

Begin by laying out about 10 sheets of tissue at a neat pile. The longer sheets of tissue you use, the fuller your pompom will be.

Start by bending the pile in 1-inch increments in an accordion-style fold. Smooth each fold using a bone folder along with your hands.

Continue the exact same process until the entire sheet has been folded.

Round both ends together with your scissors. This offers the pompom a round edge that ends up looking something like a peony.

You can also cut the ends into a point for a very different look. For a visually interesting cluster of pompoms, vary the shape of the ends.

Fold the accordion folded tissue in half and tie tightly. I used twine, however, you can also use wire or pipe cleaners. Just be sure to twist tightly.

Lay the tissue open and gently pull 1 layer of the tissue into the middle, alternating sides until you’ve completed about half the pompom.

Take your time with this measure! Don’t forget to pull lightly, being careful not to tear the tissue.

Flip the pompom and also do the exact same thing to the other side. Do your best not to push down on the side you have just finished, but don’t worry — you can fix whatever may find a bit flattened when you’re finished.

Susan Duane

As soon as your pompom is wrapped, adjust the layers until you’re happy with the look.

I wrapped my pompom with pieces of fine tulle I had on hand.

If you want the illusion of this pompom floating in mid century, use fishing line.

Susan Duane

To utilize these fairly paper blossoms on horizontal surfaces simply pull the tissue layers available to one side just so 1 side of this pompom remains flat. This way they can used as wall art, tabletop décor, or attached to seat backs for a celebration.

Smaller versions of those pompoms can be used as gift toppers too — the possibilities go on and on. Decorating with your own paper pompoms? We’d love to see your photos!

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