Details Make a Big Statement

When designing a house, the big choices usually stress out us the most. Should we tear that wall down? Is this the best floor for the whole house? Will that sofa be the ideal statement piece for your entryway?

But small things can have a large impact too. From cabinet pulls to accessories, details can make or break a room. Listed below are nine little touches which deserve to be celebrated.

Chr DAUER Architects

Have a look at this space. What do you notice? Why is the largest impact?

That I really like the floors, the open spaces and people perfectly white walls, but the small bottles lined up like soldiers actually strike me too. A simple collection displayed en masse makes a statement about the homeowners’ personalities and injects the room with life.

The Garden Consultants, Inc..

How about this outdoor staircase? It’s a utilitarian walkway, but the homeowners raised its own design. They could easily have made every stair tread a plank of timber, but rather, each other tread is unique. Turning the timber vertically and chopping it up into segments generates a stairway that’s unique and full of personality.

Michelle Hinckley

Let’s say you have finished a room, and what’s just how you wanted it. It is brand-new, sparkling and shiny, but appears to be missing a little something.

Take this room, for example: beautiful design, luxury materials and proper use of space. Now take out the trays on the nightstands, the blanket and the cushions. The strategy would turn sterile — these yellowish pieces make the room.

Laura Martin Bovard

Occasionally, all a room needs is a living element. Insert a plant or flowers to your area, and it instantly goes from staged to lived in. Do you have a room that could use just a little life?

Laidlaw Schultz architects

Whenever I visit someone’s house for the very first time, I’m drawn instinctively into the house numbers. They are miniature in comparison to the house facade or even the front door, but they are always the first thing I search for.

Pottery Barn

Branch House Numbers – $14

House numbers provide a first glimpse to the homeowner’s personality. Are they whimsical? Are they fun? Are they classy? Do they have an advantage?

Amy Renea

Obviously, the very first thing we did when we moved to our new house was tear out of these standard tiny numbers. I took leftover cabinet doors, nails and thread and made graphic house numbers that scream “I like DIY!” To anyone who visits.

Pottery Barn

Equestrian Hardware – $24

Indoors, cabinet knobs and pulls are the equal of exterior house numbers. There is a limitation to how creative you can get with your cabinetry for resale purposes, but cabinet pulls? You have no limitation. It is possible to go as personal and fun as you desire.

Faiella Design

Have a look around your house today, and rather than thinking about the rug that needs replacement or even the French doors you would like for your bedroom, consider the small things.

Can you replace drawer pulls in your dresser and adjust the look of the room? Can you put in pops of red to your own kitchen to get a new appearance? And what do your house numbers say about you?

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