The best way to Cut Molding Using a Circular Saw

Should you not have any kind of a noticed accessible, you can reduce molding utilizing a velocity square and a circular saw. This useful device clamps to the conclusion of any bit of molding to reduce precise 45- or 90-degree angles when installing molding. Using a circular saw to cut molding is not perfect, and it can be difficult to manage. It use a saw equipped using a cross-cut blade, and is most effective on broader molding including casing.

Clamp the molding to the conclusion of a saw-horse face-down so the end of the molding you want to minimize is extended out past the conclusion of the 6″ that are saw-horse. Use a 6 inch hand clamp. It is best to reduce molding in the back to avoid splintering.

Create and measure a mark on the molding in the level you want to reduce it. It will not matter which aspect — but make certain to verify whether it’s it is a a right or left hand miter when it’s a miter cut, mark from both the short or the level of the miter.

Place the velocity flat on the molding. The velocity square is a little triangle with three sides. One aspect includes a lip that is flat. Position the square to ensure the 4 5-diploma angle aligns using the mark which you made. Now slide the square to along side it to permit the the length involving the “foundation” or the “foot” of the observed as well as the blade to ensure when you spot the observed on the molding contrary to the square, the blade aligns using the mark. This off-set length is on average 3 to 3 1/2 inches. Use a little hand clamp to clamp the speed square.

Set the depth that was blade on the noticed. The depth should be no mo Re than 1/4 inch deeper than the thickness of the molding. For instance, if the molding is 3/4 inch, established the blade AT1 inch. Loosen the wing-nut on the observed guard and shift the guard down or up to set the depth. When finished tighten the nut.

Hold the observed by the manage. Place it at the fringe of of the molding. The facet of the guard needs to be aligned together with the 4 5-diploma facet of the velocity square. Pull the trigger and drive the noticed ahead, maintaining it tight from the speed square. Cut through the molding with one sleek motion after the velocity square. Let go of the trigger.

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