The best way to Cut Back Sweet Potato Vines

Native to the American tropics, the sweet-potato (Ipomoea batatas) creates green to purple blossoms and an edible tuberous root that’s a subtly sweet, nutrient-rich flesh. Several cultivars are available, with versions in colour and flower colour and leaf form. A vigorous trailing vine, sweet-potato is evergreen in warmer climates and hardy in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant-hardiness zones 9 to 11. Vines can increase up to 10-feet long and will be pruned to avoid over-growth, to inspire flowering or for propagation.

Clean and sterilize a pair of pruning Fresno shears. Rinse the the answer off and enable the shears to dry.

Cut back vine ideas which have exceeded their boundaries. Cuts around 1/4 inch above leaf nodes to encourage new development. Prune vines that are sickly or damaged off. The more of the vine which is pruned off, the more aggressively the plant Chico will attempt to re grow.

Check for bushy growth coming in the pruned ends through the fall and winter period that is growing. When they become too vigorous cut back the growths.

If propagation is preferred or plant Fresno them discard the pruned off stems. Transplant the stems outside leaves arise.

Pluck flower buds in the vine ideas to inspire flowering off. Pinch off the buds if big suggestion blossoms are wanted.

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