Designer's Touch: 10 Fabulous Garages

Do not let your garage turn into an afterthought — this valuable space doesn’t have to be dirty, disorganized and crowded. Get inspired by these skilled spaces and tips to turn your automobile space into a organized and enjoyable addition to your home.

Poor House Interior Design

1. Garage edition. Short on space? Connect your garage into an additional room for friends and loved ones. Invest in electrical and insulation work, and you will have yourself a family-fun space. Rather than a traditional garage door which blocks light, consider a glass garage door.

Pro Storage Systems

2. Garagescape. Visit your local big-box store and pick up an assortment of organizational things particularly for the garage. Install them where you want to arrange everything to perfection.

Don F. Wong

3. At the drive-in. Change your garage in your favourite theme room. This is a Coca-Cola fan’s dream space.

Debbie R. Gualco

4. Floor it. Dress up your garage with a tiled floor — it’s a terrific way to add cohesiveness out of your home to the garage. Ooooh fancy!

HartmanBaldwin Design/Build

5. Man-tastic. Give the guy in your own life his very own room. When it’s for working on jobs or hanging out with the men, the space will be all his.

TransFORM | The Art of Custom Storage

6. Garageworks. Produce the perfect workstation to deal with all your projects. Industrial-style cabinetry and simple countertops can be purchased at your local hardware store. It’s a fantastic look for her or him.


7. Laundry service. No laundry room within your house? Add plumbing to an expansive garage, put in some cabinetry rather than schlep your dirty clothes to the laundromat again.

Woodmeister Master Builders

8. Garagenous zone. A garage that’s completely outfitted from floor to ceiling can turn anyone’s crank. Add everything: flooring, walls, ceiling, cabinetry and more. It’s not done until it’s overdone.

Murphy & Co.. Layout

9. Vintage vestige. Step back in time and pick out each your favourite period pieces to put in in your garage. Open shelving, marine lighting and reclaimed wood let this space to communicate creative as well as practical.

Dijeau Poage Construction

10. A garage for 007. Install glossy wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling storage cabinets for all of your gizmos and gadgets. Oh, James!

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