Architects, Show Us: What Is On Your Desk Today?

Architects’ drafting tables have many similar features, but each functioning background is as unique as the individual hunched over it. We all know, many of you want to stay behind the scenes and sketch in peace, but we’d like a glimpse of where your work turns wood and glass into volumes and light. So grab your smart phone or camera and snap a pic of your worktable in action — drawings, coffee cups, paper wads, coconut monkey and all.

Coffee With an Architect’s Jody Brown gets things started with a snap of his drawing table on his porch in Durham, North Carolina. It’s your turn.

Pllc, Jody Brown Architecture

Architect: Jody Brown, Infill
Location: Durham, North Carolina
The drawings: “A multifamily housing project for seniors and people with disabilities. It is a housing project here in Durham. The homes are organized around common courtyards fronting an urban farm”
The light: “The lowest priced task light I could find out of Target. In black, of course.”
The view: “That’s my beautiful yard. My office is at the three-season porch in my home in Duke Forest.”
The desk: Ikea’s Vika system, with elements selected to match the distance.
The pens: Prismacolor markers
The book under the papers: Fundamentals of Construction Construction: Materials and Methods, by Edward Allen. “I use it to prop up my drafting table”

Pllc, Jody Brown Architecture

(here is a shot of Brown’s desk without its present work materials so you can see how he put the parts together. But we actually do not wish to realize your desk this tidy.)

Sharon Portnoy Design

Option: If the action is on your bulletin board, surely shoot this, too.

You. We’d love to see in which you make design occur. Take a pic of your desktop computer as it is currently and discuss it with us. Just click the Comment box below to attach your photo and tell us everything you’re working on.

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