The Indoor Gardener: Reconsider Fabulous Ferns

If you hear the term “fern” and shudder over 1970s flashbacks of macramé planters, it is time to rethink this humble houseplant for decorating your home today. Ferns are available in many sizes and shapes, in the delicate maidenhair to the manly staghorn, so there’s sure to be one which suits your tastes. No matter which type allure, the leafy fronds of ferns add almost any part of the home and life and texture. Plus, ferns are fairly low maintenance; just keep them moist (but not too moist) and simmer annually. Here are 13 rooms which will just convince you to bring a fern to your home.

Jamie Laubhan-Oliver

Ferns create a dramatic statement in this bedroom. Follow the example of art director Jamie Laubhan-Oliver, that placed two large ferns on plant stands on both sides of a mirrored dresser for a symmetrical appearance. The effect is really a bold burst of existence in a quiet area.

Jill Sorensen

Interior designer Jill Sorenson flanked the front door of this colorful vestibule with big, bushy ferns. The foliage echoes the front door’s leafy hue and provides a welcome touch of the outside inside.

Lauren Liess Interiors

Use ferns to include colour: A few pops of greenery include a organic vibe to this pale and interesting area by Laura Leiss Interiors. The fern on the coffee table and the greenery in the background are the brightest areas of colour in an otherwise neutral area.

Lauren Liess Interiors

An asparagus fern (though not technically a fern) adds a burst of life to a serene bedroom, which is also designed by Laura Leiss Interiors. Mixing live plants with organic fabrics and fibers, like jute and cowhide, gives a space a truly organic appearance.

Rikki Snyder

An assortment of houseplants, such as some fantastic ferns, enlivens this bright corner. The slightly wild plants feel right at home within this darkened inside. Don’t be shy when it comes to houseplants; the more the merrier.

Jill Sorensen

A mod-looking interior consistently feels a little more homey with a living, breathing plant. A little, potted fern is an perfect selection for this contemporary bedroom. When placing plants, be certain to use a saucer to protect the surface.

Tucked into a corner of a dramatic gallery-like space, a fern is almost sculptural in a tall urn. Even everyday plants look unique when exhibited in this way.

West Elm

Adopt the tendency toward terrariums. These clear glass boats, designed by Shane Powers for West Elm, are an excellent and intriguing way to display multi-purpose ferns.

Timothy De Clue Collection & Design

Ferns may be used in lieu of flowers as a centerpiece. In this setting miniature ferns are arranged with silver candlesticks and table accessories, as well as a sleek glass cloche.


A lemon button fern is easy to grow as a houseplant. Here one is potted at a chrome paint can to make a centerpiece with this casual tablescape by Brian Patrick Flynn, the “Décor Demon.”

Mikey Fuller Interiors

A collection of potted ferns and grasses adorns a vintage mantelpiece at the home of Mikey Fuller, of the Shabby French Cottage. Elect for similar aged terra-cotta pots to add extra personality to a display.

For an easy DIY project with a rustic, country look, maidenhair ferns are wrapped in burlap and exhibited in a vintage plant stand.

Lucy Interior Design

If you are not ready to commit to developing a fern, consider displaying a couple of cut fern fronds instead. You’ll have to enjoy the lovely, leafy appearance of this versatile plant for so long (or not) as you wish.

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