The best way to Cut Slate Roof Tiles

Slate tiles typically arrive in the manufacturer pre- . It only requires several tools to trim tiles that are regular to the dimensions you require, when you require smaller parts to patch holes or line edges. Traditionally, a mason’s trowel to reduce slate would be used by roofers, but contemporary contractors may use a specially-designed slate cutter. Renting a slate cutter makes the job easier, and you’re going to be less likely to splinter the tiles along their organic levels, should you not have access, however a trowel will function.

Slate Cutter

Set a tape measure you require the slate to be. Place the tile face-down on a flat work surface that is flat.

Position the tape measure on top of the tile, using the situation against one aspect of the tip as well as the tile resting on the surface of the tile. Slide the suggestion of the tape measure down the tile, drawing a line at your preferred measurement and scoring the stone.

Place the tile face-down inside a slate cutter, which seem like s paper slicer that is big. Cut the tile gradually along the scored line. Every couple of inches, drive the tile more to the slicer, therefore the tile satisfies the intersection of the base as well as the blade. Before you’ve removed all of the extra tile slice.

Mason’s Trowel

Score a line on the rear of the tile the same way you’d to prepare it to get a slate cutter.

Lay the tile face-down on the edge like a work-bench or a dining table, hence the line that was scored is facing up. Align the rating together with the fringe of of the area, together with the area of of tile you intend to eliminate hanging within the side.

The slate along the scored line using a mason’s trowel. Begin in the very top of the tile and perform gradually toward your-self. Hold the facet of the tile in put on on the work-surface along with your other-hand.

By tapping mo-Re gently using the trowel trim off any jagged edges. Continue keeping the other facet of the tile and make sure the line remains flush together with the edge of the worksurface.

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