How To Clean Your Furniture With These Simple Cleaning Tips

house cleaning Chandler AZ depends on the type of furniture that needs cleaning. Is it leather furniture or wood furniture? Is your furniture painted or not? It’s, therefore, crucial to be able to classify a piece of furniture according to all the materials that it’s made of in order to be able to successfully clean it up.

It’s not advisable to use cleaning products that are designed for wood furniture use on leather furniture as this will only lead to damage. Although it’s self-explanatory, it’s important to stress the need of classifying furniture properly.

In this article, we will give you some tips on how to do cleaning services Chandler AZ according to the objects’ materials.

Painted Furniture

We will start first with the process of cleaning painted furniture pieces as it’s the easiest to perform. When cleaning painted furniture, all you need to do is to wipe it using a damp cloth. But, make sure you don’t leave any water spots. Dry the furniture right away as water may leave permanent marks on it. If you want to repaint your furniture, do your best to match its existing color. For further protection, use oil finishes.

Leather Furniture

We often get asked regarding the best ways of doing house cleaning Chandler for furniture that are made of leather – more so than any other type of furniture. This is because furniture wrapped with genuine leather is expensive. When it’s damaged, it definitely costs a fortune, which means special care and attention must be given. There are leather furniture pieces that are very hard to repair as the material used is hard to match. Leather furniture must be situated 2 feet away from any heat source and away from sun exposure as this will lead to drying out and cracking.

For daily cleaning of leather furniture, wipe using a soft cloth. The cleaning solution that you should use must not have waxes, silicones, or oils as they can damage the finishing of the leather. Most homeowners use baby wipes when cleaning leather, but you must NEVER do this. They are not good for leather as they have strong alkaline components.

Wood Furniture

Wood furniture is present in almost all homes. The first thing that you have to do before you start the cleaning process of wood furniture is to identify the type of finish that’s been used. Different types of polishers, wood conditioners, and cleaners are available and they are made of different types of finishes and wood. As you may already know, wiping your wood furniture must be done in the same exact direction as the wood’s grain.

To make your wood furniture look clean and shiny, you should use furniture polishes. It’s important that you use only one kind of furniture polish when doing window cleaning Chandler AZ to avoid making polish smudges. Check your local hardware store and see what they would recommend for your wood furniture as there are wax-based and oil-based wood polishes.

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