Bunch Your Own Bunk Beds in Style

Bunk beds are a staple of many childhoods. And it’s not surprising that all these people sleep in bunk beds as children: Bunks are still an remarkable space saver. While bunk beds themselves are rather commonplace, a complete bunk room outfitted with two or more sets of bunk beds is much not as common — and also a dramatic addition to any residence.

As you’re likely to locate a room filled with bunks in a summer camp or a youth hostel, a bunk room can still be stylish in your home. Bunk rooms can range for rustic to refined, depending on the fashion of the beds. And whether the beds have been built-in ready-made versions, a room filled with bunks can be a fun place for children (or the young at heart) to sleep. Here are 10 bunk rooms packaged with design and lots of room to sleep.

Stonebreaker Remodelers & Builders

Bunk beds don’t have to be size. In this area by Stonebreaker Builders & Remodelers, a custom-built midsize unit features double-size beds onto the left and what appear to be extra-long twins on the right.

This rustic bunk space by Locati Architects features wooden beds and another attribute that can remind guests of sleep-away camp: a trough sink. Putting the lower bunks at ground level makes it possible to match the upper bunks under the eaves.

Wayne Windham Architect, P.A.

This home by Wayne Windham Architect is outfitted with a sleek, minimal bunk room. The shiplike atmosphere is reinforced by marine-style sconces.

Borges Brooks Builders

This bunk room gets a feminine seaside look from dusty rose bedding along with nautical accents. Oars mounted onto the faces of the bunks and rope-wrapped affirms are clever decorative accents.

GDC Construction

Children of all sizes can sleep in this area with four built-in bunks along with a crib by GDC Construction. Tall railings make the bunks extra safe for smaller children.

Stonebreaker Builders & Remodelers

Bottom bunks can feel dark in some rooms, but maybe not in this nautical space by Stonebreaker Builders & Remodelers. The space features porthole-like windows in each of the bottom bunks.

A little space by Denise Maloney Interior Design is maximized with two bunk beds that meet at a corner. Two square platforms serve as shared bedside tables.

In this soothing bunk area by Pierce Allen, two double beds have been put under single beds for an irregular bunk set.

Kraig Kalashian

This innovative sleeping space by Kraig Kalashian includes the bunk beds built in. A low-slung bottom bunk gives the upper bunk some breathing space, while built-in nooks act as bedside tables.

Four built-in bunks fill one wall here, and also one bed is put on the wall. Built-in drawers under all of the beds provide more storage.

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