11 Ways to Wake Up a Walk-in Pantry

Do you ever open your walk-in or closet-style pantry and believe, “I am so uninspired”? Add some vibrant character to this pantry and you might end up opening up the doorway in an entirely different frame of mind.

Even the best-laid-out pantries could be a missed layout chance if they are all white. Sure, white provides a crisp backdrop, but sometimes it has bo-ring. Here are 11 ideas for using colour and mirrored and wooden elements to attack an inspiring tone that makes accessing the pantry a more pleasing experience.

Nicole Lanteri Design

1. Paint the walls a different colour than the shelves. This cabinet feels playful with its vibrant blue partitions supporting a standard shelving system. The colour, Benjamin Moore’s San Clemente Teal, is sudden, and it feels like no bad meal could come in the components saved here.

Choose a wall color that evokes the mood you would love to maintain when you come to the pantry after a long day on the job.

Tim Cuppett Architects

2. Paint the shelves and walls exactly the same colour. The cohesiveness of the pantry keeps things atmosphere organized. The green is a beautiful colour that shows the snowy tableware in a sense white shelves would not. Additionally, the colour is in keeping with the colour of the rest of the historic house.

Gast Architects

3. Try a tone-on-tone look. If you use different tones of the same color family, your cabinet may be equally as elegant as any living room.

Watch more of the Victorian row house

Braam’s Custom Cabinets

This cabinet has paint at a medium grey (Benjamin Moore’s Edgecomb Gray) that punctuates the lighter paint (Gray Owl) of this kitchen and draws the user into its tranquil environment.

Closet & Storage Concepts

4. Insert an accent wall. If you are not willing to commit your entire pantry into one colour, try adding an accent wall. Energizing orange draws the eye to an organized desk here. This sort of deflecting effect comes in handy when the remaining shelves aren’t shipshape.

Hint: A pantry accent wall is an perfect experiment if you don’t feel very confident with colours. Should you decide you can not stand the colour, you can paint over it.

Terrat Elms Interior Design

This Benjamin Moore Umbria Red accent place inspires more excitement than an all-white container could. When contemplating dinner choices what feelings to have than inspiration and happiness?

Siemasko + Verbridge

5. Paint the ceiling. Maybe you are content with your walls (or you also can not imagine the work involved in clearing out all those shelves), but you still need that excess something in your pantry. This ceiling’s vibrant hue performs off the timber cabinetry in addition to other red details during this Victorian house.

By painting only the ceiling, you’ll get to enjoy the mood-enhancing advantages of your preferred colour with less work than painting all four partitions.

6. Install coloured shelving. Another twist on colour is to maintain the walls but use colored shelving. The grey shelving unit provides this cabinet an entirely different aesthetic than that of a white-on-white pantry.

Either choose a system that’s the colour you need, or paint and prime bare wooden cupboards. Permit the shelves to dry before hanging them or adding your foodstuffs.

John Kraemer & Sons

7. Use mirrors. Mirrors at a pantry are beneficial in ways that painted walls aren’t: They add brilliance and create an illusion of more room. Mirrors were added as a backsplash here to cabinets painted in Benjamin Moore’s White Dove.

Cross Keys Designs

8. Hang wallpaper. Who says background needs to be earmarked for formal living spaces? A cabinet (and people who use it daily) can benefit just as much from a favourite style.

The vintage-style paper with this particular wall is from Thibaut, and the subtler print adorning the ceiling is from Schumacher.

thea home inc

To get a more compact cabinet, a more miniature and simpler print will do the job nicely. This cabinet has a striped background that provides the illusion of texture.

Thrifty Decor Chick

9. Stencil it. Another option to background is to stencil a cabinet wall, as revealed here. You will enjoy it each time you open the doorway.

Watch the easy way to stencil a wall

Britannia Joinery

10. Embrace what you’ve obtained. Sometimes pantries are constructed out of transformed spaces. Rather than covering up first details — say, old brick adopt them by keeping them natural or painting them a colour you’ll enjoy for the long haul.

Witt Construction

11. Let wood do the speaking. Beadboard paneling (added to Sheetrock) is painted a clean white here. Yes, it is still white, but its texture, together with the shelves’ mounts, affects the whole look. The pantry is reminiscent of a farmhouse or country shop.

Murphy & Co.. Layout

Add colour to transform vintage-style beadboard.

Witt Construction

The designer responsible for this particular cabinet bypassed paint completely and used higher-grade cabinetry shelving that creates the look of a library. It feels inspiring, such as great things can manifest from within. Imagine, a pantry that takes your cooking assurance to new levels.

Your turn: Please show us your vibrant and magnetic pantry!

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