10 Kitchen Countertop Ideas When You Are on a Budget

Installing the best kitchen handyman Anchorage AK can be expensive. However, there are relatively inexpensive alternatives that can help you achieve the perfect results without pushing your budget limits.

Butcher Block Countertops

This is a purely reclaimed wood project. Butcher block countertops look great, and more importantly, are one of the most affordable countertop options in the market. However, only choose this option if you are ready for the maintenance that such slabs require.

Graytone Laminate Countertops

One thing that you get from these kitchen surfaces is the seriousness that professional chefs have in their kitchens. Over the years, a lot of people have chosen this style for their kitchen. If you want to do the same but don’t want to spend a lot, Graytone laminate countertops are the ideal choice for you.

Giani Stone Paint

While worktops are mainstream, you can get a good outcome with a quality sealant. Giani stone paint will do the trick for you. Considering the fact that it is a quality finish, the stone paint will restore your worktop even if it’s damaged or chipped.

Formica Silver Quartzite

Formica silver quartzite is a great choice if you like the look and feel of engineered quartz. Laminate handyman Anchorage have been at the forefront of countertop styling for years. They are available in a variety of finishes and patterns, making them a good option, especially when your focus is on functionality.

Paperstone Cabernet Countertops

This is purely for those who fancy lava stone. You cannot refute the gorgeousness of these countertops. They are full of luster and color, and the magnificence is nothing short of amazing. While you cannot get a replica of lava stone, the Paperstone cabernet countertops will get you close enough. They are affordable, environment-friendly, and will give your kitchen a warm ambiance.

3form Chroma Countertops

Glass in the kitchen is always a good choice when you want a classy, elegant look. Sadly, glass can be very expensive, with square foot prices as high as $300. You can, however, consider 3Form Chroma which is not just available at an affordable rate but also comes in a wide range of colors.

Formica Solid Surface in Travertine Gold

One thing that is true about travertine surfaces is that they are very expensive, just as much as they are luxurious. The warm colored stones have an amazing appeal, which you can get with the models from Formica without spending a lot of money in the process.

Granite Tiles

With the emphasis on stonework, granite stands out as one of the best options in the market. You would normally have to spend a lot on Anchorage handyman installation. However, for a fraction of what you would have spent, granite is a good alternative, especially if you are a DIY enthusiast.

Formica Soapstone Sequoia

The popularity of soapstone for centuries of use in kitchens lies in their endurance. Soapstone, like glass, does not come cheap either. Formica Soapstone Sequoia will not just give you the natural look of stone but you will also spend less on it compared to normal soapstone.

Formica Striato Solid Surface Countertop

If you are not willing to spend around $100 per square foot on marble slabs for your kitchen, Striato from Formica is something you would want to look at. The perks, other than the affordable price, include a durable working surface, while you still get that distinct marble aura.

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